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    Wednesday, November 30, 2005

    First Snow

    I tried to post these last week but my ISP is being all crazy biotch on me.

    This is the tree in our front yard.
    It has small berries on it which are beautiful to look at but a pain to clean up.

    This is #1 pretending to shovel. She really did help.
    I have to admit that she is very
    handy to have around.

    #2 is having her first taste of that treat that melts immediately on your tongue. I knitted her mittens. I'm handy like that.

    The girls and I had a great snowball fight. Their years of softball are showing as both are great at hitting their target, ME!
    They usually use my ass as practice. I had to take them down and sprinkle snow in their faces. I'm mean like that.
    The girls finished off the night with snow angels.

    This is how I ended the night.


    gigi said...

    Jenn! How very sweet your girls look!

    I am an avid knitter and crotcheter! We need to talk patterns, girlfriend!

    The infamous Jen said...

    Don't you love the snow? Unless you are flying home from mexico's paradise beaches. then it just sucks and rubs it in your face

    SignGurl said...

    Gigi~Thanks, I think I'll keep them, at least for a while. Knitting and crotcheting rock!

    Jen~No complaining from you 'cause you're all tan.


    ~Deb said...

    Oh tell me it's not so! You didn't hit the Boones!!!!!! hehe

    We had a touch of snow on Thanksgiving, but that was about it. I love the winter months, but when it gets to linger on during the month of March---that's when I want to bail out.

    Great pictures!

    MamaKBear said...

    Brrrr! I hate snow! No sign of snow here yet...hopefully not for a long time.

    Funny, I loved snow when I was a kid...would pray for it to snow enough for school to be cancelled.

    Glad y'all had fun, though!

    Anonymous said...

    wow jenn, I love these pictures, thanks for sharing another part of your world.

    repeat after me..Boones farm..BAD

    big *hug*

    DZER said...

    thanks for the snow, darlin'!!

    and boones and me go WAY back ... LOL

    pantylines said...

    boones farm!!! bringing back the memories :-)

    SignGurl said...

    Deb~I'm reintroducing myself to Boones Farm.

    MamaKB~How can you hate snow? I just love it!

    TC~Come on up and I'll show you how good Boones Farm can be ;)

    Dzer~I wish I could send you some real snow you sun hog. ::hugs::

    Panty~I'm makin' new memories with it, hehehe!

    Mike said...

    What a way to end the night!

    Light Strikes A Deal said...

    Hello Signgirl,

    I've been cruizin your blog and I must say I do dig it. I'm just trying to figure it all out as well. Sounds as if your girls and you had a great time. What a fantastic image of you spinkling the snow over their faces.

    SignGurl said...

    Mike~I know how to end a night right!

    LSD~Thanks, I sprinkle the snow gently until they get a little older, hehehe.

    sassinak said...

    mamakb: it's because you don't play in the snow anymore is all. go outside and play with your kids... just BUNDLE UP for the love of all things holy.

    k... dude i love the pic of the tree. love it. stole it for my collection. wanted to steal the snow angels but it's not linked to a begger pic *sulk*


    barman said...

    Love this and all your posts Jenn. They are always so fun. This one ranks right up there with Silver Bells which is the first one of yours I saw. You are da bomb babe! If it is not messing with my driving to bad and not March (I am ready for it all to be gone by then) snow is pretty fun.

    I would toss a snow ball your way but I am a terrible aim. If I try to hit you, you are safe. If I try to miss you, you better duck! I don't want to take the chance, and besides ... for now it has all melted. More is on the way however. Oh, by the way, cute kids! What a fun Mom you must be.

    Thanks again Signgurl.

    grainne said...

    Signgurl...it's been over 5 years since I have seen snow that has not been on the TV or pics on the internet....it's fun to visit for a week or two, but I am afraid you can have it all! It's really pretty sad - temps here this morning in Fl were 48 and people walking in downtown Orlando are dressed as warmly as your family. ~chuckle~ I have not even broken out a sweater yet as I love this cooler stuff !

    Enjoy your snow...in a few months, when it is getting REALLY old...I will send you pics of Orlando to make you remember the warmer days!

    AndyT13 said...

    Here's your sign...:-) Happy HNT!

    barman said...

    Hey Grainne, I hope you have the time to give the mouse a try. I just started the blog going this month and it has been interesting to say the least. I hope we get to see you raise from the shaddow real soon.

    wmy said...

    cute kids!!! We have been getting some lovely snow here too...lovely until it gets all black and gross from all the car exhaust...sorry ...cute kids .lol

    kathi said...

    Is that really a bottle of Boones Farm?? OmG...I think I'm going to be sick...memories coming back way to strong.