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    Sunday, November 20, 2005

    I'm Being Cyber Stalked or Sitemeter Is A Dangerous Thing

    I'm a little freaked out because someone from my town has seen my blog. I live in a city of over 100,000 so the odds of that person knowing me are pretty slim but I still feel... well... dirty. Like a teenager who finds out her mother read her diary. I'm not sure why it's ok for people I don't even know to read this stuff.

    As I'm looking at the sitemeter (because I think that nobody is reading this crap) I see that someone from a certain city has visited over 6 times in 12 hours and hasn't left a comment. I know this because I don't have any comments today. So if it's you, please leave me a comment to let me know I'm not insane.

    If you actually care to read what I have to say, there is a real post below.


    Breazy said...

    hey ! Just checking out your blog . I was tagged with a meme and your name was on the list of people who had been tagged before me so I linked each person and I thought it looked pretty interesting over here . I will be back ! :)

    Btw.. you can find me at

    tami said...

    no no no don't worry... i'd give my left boobie (wait lemme rethink that one) on the whole knowing someone's reading it.

    You know something? Don't sweat it, babe. Seriously. Just means that someone wishes they were you. Okay, maybe not. Please keep in mind that I'm on some serious pain killers plus rum plus muscle relaxers... and En Vogue.


    tami said...


    You're insane. :)

    Mister Underhill said...

    Hey, I have cyberstalked like 100 girls. And only killed 2-3 of them, tops/

    So, no worries

    DZER said...

    i'm to sick to stalk ...

    ... or, at least, that's my alibi


    MamaKBear said...

    If it's OKC you know it's me!

    As for someone from your own town showing up on your site meter, are you sure it's not your own i.p.? I show up on mine even though I've got it set not to count me. At least I show up in the details, if not the actual count.

    SignGurl said...

    Breazy, Cool, I'll check you....err, your blog out.

    Tami, careful with the narcotics and rum. Oh and the left boobie thing too.

    Mister underhill, with my luck I'll be #3 or 4.

    Dzer, get better, your readers are counting on it.

    Dana, It's not me 'cause mine actually shows up as a town that I live close to not the big city I live in which is weird.

    I'll stop being paranoid now.

    Quazirob said...

    I sure hope ogling is not considered stalking? (wink)

    Home improvement can be hell. Been there done that and still alive, just a few scars. Good luck.

    Is it Thursday yet? (lol)

    Quazirob said...

    Oops. Bad link on last post. This is the good one

    Ordinary Joe said...

    Well, I have been lurking, but certainly not STALKING. Of course I am no where near the Michigan Area, so...

    Mike said...

    lol....I've had a couple of people who live in the same town...or very close read my blog....no biggie to me.

    Anonymous said...

    I actually hand out flyers for my blog at Lions, Pistons, Wings games...lol

    What is this sitemeter thingy and why don't I have one?

    I sometimes revisit a blog after posting to see if anyone else has commented but I don't comment...does that count?

    pantylines said...

    Your blog is great. FYI, I am not the stalker, but I do come back every now and again to see what other comments have been made.....

    barman said...

    I did visit a few times and I am the next town over I believe although coming in through cable modem who knows where I might show up. Also my ISP has been flakey with me cutting in and out so I might have shown up as multiple visits. If it is me, sorry about that chief. I am not a stalker. I am just feeling my way around this blogger thinggy is all. I did not think I visited that much however. So if it was me, your safe, no worries man.

    You stopped by my blog once, thank you. I appreciate that. I am so happy I stopped back. I am enjoying myself here. It's nice to know I have a fellow blogger near by.

    t/c Signgurl,
    Your friendly neighbor, not stalker, Bryan

    ell said...

    i'd like to know about the sitemeter too. i'm still kinda green on all this blogging stuff.