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    Friday, November 04, 2005

    Oh Yeah....Boones Farm Wine!

    Look out, Boone's Farm
    This $2 bottle of wine is every college student's dream come true

    I was just commenting on Sass's Blog and it inspired me to talk about the cheapest wine available.

    When I was a young chickie, my parents had crazy wild parties. My parents were young (my mom had just turned 18 when she had me) and they liked to party almost every weekend.

    I was only allowed to come into the "party room" to kiss everyone goodnight. Apparently these short visits left quite an impression on my blossoming mind.

    Upon entering the room I would notice a different smoke smell. Not the usual cigarette smoke. No, this one was a little more earthy smelling. Mom said that someone was smoking a new brand of cigs. Yeah, right. Is that why they needed a clip to hold it and everyone shared one? It's funny to know that my parents were stoners. My mom claims total innocence now and says that any drugs that were there were not hers but her "friend's". Yeah, sure mom.

    We didn't have much money because my dad worked in the auto industry and always seemed to be on strike. So, to keep the party going, they bought the cheapest alcohol around. Boones Farm. Back then it was $1 a bottle. It came in many flavors like Tickled Pink, Strawberry Hill, Mad Dog 20/20. Those are the only ones I can remember. My mom and aunt still talk about all the partying they did with Boones Farm.

    The other day I was at K Mart and found....you guessed it! Boones Farm sitting right there on the shelf between beer and dog food. I bought 5 bottles, 3 Fuzzy Navels, 1 Strawberry Hill, and 1 Berry Delight. This wine is still cheap as hell, $1.89 and will give you a quick buzz. It'll also give you a rockin' headache.

    I'm unscrewing (yes I said unscrewing, not removing a cork, it's less than $2, would you expect anything less?) the cap right now and pouring it into my paper cup. Can't put that stuff into my crystal wine glasses. Oh yeah, I really don't like wine, but this shit is awesome!

    P.S. I was just on the web and it seems this stuff is making a comeback! Who knew? Well, me of course!


    sassinak said...

    so i meant to comment on your fat post but i commented on something else cause yeah i click too fast!

    have fun with the booze ladybird and btw... you look great either way and anyone who doesn't think so can kiss my theoretically hot ass!


    but you're right about the dismissals they toss as fatter chicks and it's fucking ridiculous!

    SignGurl said...

    Thanks Sass but I'm still waiting for the spankin'!

    MamaKBear said...

    LOL...don't know about the wine, but I'll tell ya a lil secret...my parents were stoners too!

    DZER said...

    in high school we rocked the strawberry hill and mad dog 20/20!! LOL ... when you're a poor teenager, cheap booze is the best ... it helped that Guam's drinking age was and is 18 LOL

    SignGurl said...

    Cheap booze in high school was the best (or worst). My body could handle it then but not so much now. That stuff left a bad taste in my mouth and a headache to rival an anyerism (sp?).

    The Seeker said...

    Pour it over ice... Thank you for the paper cup... BTW - a shot of vodka in the bottom does wonders... LMAO It's been years since I"ve seen that stuff. Ewww...

    ~Deb said...

    This is so funny, because it reminds me of what my parents did, and STILL do....they buy those JUGS of Carlo Rossi---twist off bottles of wine. Not for nuttin' but the red one ISN'T that bad if you are in desperate need of a quick wine fix... but then again, cough medicine can do the same thing.


    Thanks for bringing back memories of cheap wine...

    gigi said...

    My mom's into the box-o-wine!
    Boones Farm! Good Times! Good Times!

    Ordinary Joe said...

    Ah... Boones Farm Wine.

    Brings me back to the days.

    Not surprised it is making a comeback, as it is more like some of those cheesy malt liquors, or worse wine coolers, than they are to actual wine.