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    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    Does Everyone Hate Their Voice? (or I'm Losing The Christmas Battle)

    this is an audio post - click to play


    Top cat said...

    I can't get it to play, I get "invalid syntax" message..huh?

    Quazirob said...

    Nice voice. Audio anytime! Is it possible to email an audio post?

    DZER said...

    I agree on the nice voice comment!

    and get yer ass out there and shop, woman! LOL

    we all miss ya too ... *smooches*

    barman said...

    Hey Rob. I am using FireFox and, once you create the AudioBlog by using the www.audioblogger.com web site and it is posted on your blog, you can right click the play button and select Save Link as. I did not try emailing it but I think it should work. I was able to save Jenn's most recent post to my desktop no problem.

    Hey SignGurl, I think your voice sounds nice. I think most people are not thrilled with what they sound like. It is so different from what you hear when you speek. That and this is over the phone so it does not sound as good as it could.

    Now get that kitchen done but don't forget to fit Christmas in also. Sleep, who needs sleep?

    Big Pissy said...

    I liked the audio post and your voice :) What a neat idea!
    Get the kitchen finished, fix your house up for visitors, AND get ready for Christmas...doncha' love the "holiday" season! :)

    Chrissie said...

    There you are! lol
    *smoochies* Merry Fucking Christmas!