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    Monday, January 30, 2006


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    Lucky me!


    Madame X said...

    hmmm, it's that time isn't it?

    I can just tell!

    Quazirob said...


    Bill the Apostle said...

    Your voice makes me hard. Well I was already hard but your voice didnt make me lose it.

    grainne said...

    Kids...I swear, you never know WHAT is going to come out of those little mouths! I never will forget, my bday driving my 6 year old to school...he picks that time to inform me that 30 is OLDER than dirt. I asked him how old dirt was and he went on to explain erosion and that dirt was pretty damn old. I dropped him off at school, pulled into a parking lot for a good long cry and then went into work growling at anyone who even looked at me. They ended up eating my cake without me...good thing as they were doing black 30.

    Just make sure you have all those incriminating baby photos safely stashed away to share with those boys she brings home with her...the hiney shots will really be some of the best ones for getting even with her ~wink~

    SignGurl said...

    Madame~ As a matter of fact, it was LAST WEEK!


    Bill~Glad I could be of service to someone.

    Grainne~I'm collecting those photos right now. I'm making a collage, hehehe.

    Jay said...

    It's your turn. Take a hit...

    Suze said...

    Jenn, kids don't you just love um? Your so much safer with cats.

    BTW, I think the crossing guard has a secret crush on you. ;)

    Top cat said...

    I can never get these to play for me.

    CP said...

    I'm with Suze. It's the kindergarten mentality. You either ignore the boy you like or you kick the girl you like. He is obviously a genderconfused crossing guard who is ignoring you because he likes you.

    Me: I think I am getting fat.
    Son: No, you aren't getting fat.
    Me: I'm not??? *elated*
    Son: Nope. You've already been fat for a long time, mommy. You aren't getting there.

    Me: *serving 10-20 in a state pen for the murder of my own child*


    barman said...

    SG, no matter what your kid said I think there was no winner to be found. In their eyes you are Mom, enough said. You know they love you, they just may not show you or tell you to much until they are in their 20s.

    As to the crossing guard ... let me fill in for a day and I promiss you a big old smile and a friendly hello ... for starters.

    Chrissie said...

    I think tomorrow you should roll down the windows and then all hang out of the car blowing kisses n waving to this guy :)

    and for what your daughter said... wipe a boogie on her.