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    Sunday, January 01, 2006


    Happy New Year to you all! I made it through 2005! The last days were a little iffy but I'm almost back to myself.

    We spent the night trying to keep our youngest daughter (#2) awake until 12 am. She made it with a little poking and prodding. #1 went to a sleepover so we didn't have to contend with her bouncing off the walls.

    Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve was a little less than stellar this year. Ryan Seacrest needs to find a job out of my face as far as I'm concerned. And poor Dick Clark. They propped him up behind a desk and tried to have him read off the teleprompter. His speech was so slurred that he reminded me of a ventriloquist's dummy who's string was being pulled at the wrong time. He even got the countdown wrong by counting too fast. Maybe it was that extra second they added that threw him off. I give him an A for effort though and it was good to see him and not have to guess how bad he is really doing.

    Every year I think about what my resolutions are going to be. I usually resolve to lose weight and exercise more like 90% of Americans. But this year will be different. I'm not going to do it. I know that I'll forget about my promise to myself the first time someone shoves a brownie in my face or I sit down to read blogs instead of getting on the treadmill. (I'm still trying to figure out if I can strap the laptop onto the treadmill. I love wireless!)

    I can't face letting myself down yet again this year. It's so depressing to feel like a loser because I made a promise to myself that I can't even keep for a day.

    So, I'll make my resolutions ones I know I can keep.

    1. Have more fun. I know I can handle this one.

    2. Be nicer to everyone. This one may take a little more work, but I'm up for it.

    3. Help my girls become well rounded people. I want them to succeed in all that they do or be there to help them when they waiver.

    4. Have more sex. You can never have enough can you?

    5. That's all I got and I'm ending on 5 'cause it's my favorite number.


    Big Pissy said...

    Cute post! It made me smile!! I soooo know what you mean about poor Dick Clark. Such a trooper! It's not like he NEEDS a job or anything~give it up, Dick! I say he should stay home and watch next year. as for Ryan Seacrest.... I love and hate American Idol at the same time b/c he's the host....
    Good luck with your resolutions-you can do it!!!! heh heh

    SignGurl said...

    Pissy~I know what you mean about Seacrest. I liked him in the beginning but now it seems that you can't even turn on the TV without seeing him.

    grainne said...

    I had a discussion with my mom early this morning about Dick Clark. I was under the impression that ABC would have been happy to have him back on the air and maybe it was just something he wanted to do one last time. She informed me I was wrong ~chuckle as I should have known I was wrong~ she informed me that Dick Clark fought to get back on tv this New Years but not so much for his ego but to show other stroke victims there is something to live for after they have a stroke. She countered that with post stoke care / rehab is very expensive and most insurance companies would rather put a patient in a facility to waste away instead of spending the money on expensive rehabilitation. So she feels that Dick Clark is the poster child for stroke recovery victims – even with the slurred speech, the few shots of him speaking, the error he made in counting down the seconds to New Years…..he still showed people that suffering from a massive stroke does not mean it is time to lay down and die. Mom doesn’t like too many people, Dick Clark is an expectation – with all of his money, and he chose to be on ABC to show the world that a stroke doesn’t mean you are useless.

    I felt bad for him last night as I watched him attempt to count down the seconds, when he was trying to give a little speech about NYC and what a great place and what great people came out for the end of the new year in time’s square – I don’t feel that way anymore. I think he can hold his head up and be damn proud of himself…after all how many people who have lived such a high profile life for all those years would willingly show the world their imperfections?

    As for Ryan…all I can say is who does he have some really good dirt on? He must have done a long time on a couple of casting couches to have gotten as far as he has because I just keep wondering WHERE is his talent?!?

    HAPPY NEW YEARS to you and yours.

    Big Pissy said...

    O.K. the Dick Clark thing makes sense now....and I feel mean for saying anything about him at all. Thanks, Grainne, for the explaination.

    SignGurl said...

    Grainne~I hope my post didn't come across as rude. I didn't mean it that way. I guess I, like you, thought that ABC made him do it for ratings. The show does have his name on it.

    Last year just wasn't the same without him and it was hard trying to guess what horrors he and his family were suffering.

    Your mom's points are so valid about him being a roll model. I hadn't thought about it that way. I was only thinking of the monetary and ratings part of it.

    Thanks for setting me straight. :-)

    gigi said...

    5 is your favorite number? 44 is mine I got some work to do!

    grainne said...

    Jenn....Nothing came off as even remotely rude! I agree, last year it wasn't the same without him and we turned into MTV ~blech~ last year and I won't be doing that again!

    8 hours into a new year and I already had to tell my mom that she was right about something ...~LOL~ hope this is not an indication of how 2006 is going to go for me.

    barman said...

    I can not believe I missed it. I was home alone letting the healthy people enjoy New Years in peace and did not realize it was 2006 until I looked up and it was 12:35. Bummer. I sure wish I had not missed Dick Clark and the dropping of the ball. I would have called the folks too. Darn, the new year if off to a blah start.

    Grainne, thank you for that prospective. I am sure there will be some people talking about this at work and I am sure that, despite not seeing it, I will make sure to pass on the information from your Mom.

    Lets see, GiGi's favorite number is 44. That is just two orders of 4, correct. So double the sex for GiGi.

    Good luck Jenn on the resolutions and by the way, I am so suprised by number 2. I am afraid for health reasons I have to stick the weight and exercise on the head of my list.

    Happy New Year.

    Sunny said...

    I love your Have more sex goal. I need that myself. My poor husband. HA!

    Suze said...

    Jenn, I totally agree resolutions suck. However, I'm all for 1,2 and 4. Oh, and did I mention 4. LOL.

    SignGurl said...

    Gigi~You BETTER get busy!

    Grainne~I have found that my mother is right more often than not and she likes to rub it in.

    Barman~You didn't really miss much. It was a little anti climactic.

    Sunny~Your poor husband and mine! I haven't told him this is one of my goals, hehe.

    Suze~I didn't really plan on making any when I started the post but somehow seemed to get sucked in. Ha! I just said sucked in!

    wmy said...

    Good for you!! If you do good on #4, you will be in the Multiple O club before you know it! LOL Happy New Year!

    Anonymous said...

    good to have you feeling better Jenn, welcome to the Year 2006.
    Top cat

    sassinak said...

    i started making number one my resolution a few years back and i've been much happier since then.

    number two is a life choice and you'll be amazed how much happier it makes you.

    number three is fantastic and i wish more parents thought that way.

    number four is irrelevant to me it's been so long now.

    mine is 8 or 17... for very similar reasons :)

    Lara said...

    How can you be nicer to people? You're already so nice to everyone... I agree you picked a tough one there.

    Happy new year! :)

    DZER said...

    hey darlin' that's a nice set ...

    ... and the resolutions are a good too ;)

    hoping they all come true ... *smooches*

    Mike said...

    I think the 4th resolution is the best one...lol

    Marcus said...

    Dick looked and sounded terrible! Nice blog.

    Laurie said...

    Those sound like great (and doable!) resolutions!

    Happy 2006, Jenn :-)

    Everything Nice said...

    Ummm, number four... NO you can never have enough.

    And you'll find that when you get more of 4 - 1,2, and 3 will be easier to accomplish :)

    seriously :)

    Huggs Jenn and happy new year!

    ~Deb said...

    I don't think that your resolutions are challenging enough. I believe you have all this already---don't you???? :)

    Great post! Happy New Year!!!