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    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    One Of Those Days

    Today sucked big donkey dicks! I couldn't get my ass out of bed which is unusual for me. My day normally starts by me bolting out of bed, cheerfully coaxing two girls (not a euphemism. I really mean my kids) out of their slumbering lairs, and jumping exuberantly into the shower while bluebirds chirp because it's a new beautiful day.

    Not so today. It was like the devil himself woke up in my place. I opened one eye and shut the other tight. I threw one leg over the edge of the mattress only to be met with frigid hardwood floors. I stumbled into the hall and bellowed at the sleeping heathens in the next rooms. Then I stood in the shower for way longer than usual just trying to wake up.

    We were running later than normal (I'm never late for anything that is within my control. My idea of being late is being on time. Yeah, I'm one of THOSE people. The ones who come early. Ha! That sounded like I was talking about sex). I did manage to get everyone where they needed to be just in the nick of time.

    Once I got to work the hits just kept on coming. I'm making 24 bank signs that are double sided. So, technically it's 48 signs. I have to get them done soon along with several other projects. I spent the entire morning trying to email some files to a graphic designer. I hate dial up and I hate AOL even more. The shop is in the country and the only internet provider is AOL. Blech! Everything you send through them gets translated and if you are lucky ends up where it's supposed to go. Not the case today. I'm getting pissed just typing this. Nevermind about the computer.

    My boss, who is also my stepdad, was in a pissy mood too and being the high strung guy that he is, he yelled and bitched the entire morning. This did not help my mood as you can imagine.

    I forgot to mention that I sliced two of my fingers yesterday in Mr. Sign's car. Doing the job that I do, I cannot were bandaids because they stick to the vinyl adhesive.

    At 2:30 I got a call on my cell phone that my beautiful little darling, #2 (she's 9), was in trouble at school. This is a child who has never had her name on the board, ever. I've never had a bad report from any school personel. She tries so hard to be perfect that it's bordering on sickening. Her teacher told me this year that she is the only student he has had in 20 years of teaching who is able to perform tasks no matter what is going on around her.

    So why did I receive this call? It seems that my precious one wrote a note that was found by another student. The teacher explained that he had to call all parents of involved kids since others found it. #2 was so hysterical that she couldn't even speak. The teacher thought that I could help calm her down. I explained to her that I knew she was upset but that didn't make it ok. I coaxed her into writing an appology letter and that her punishment would be discussed tonight.

    Oh, you are probably wondering what the note said. That's the funny part. It said, "You suck! Go home!" I was thinking the worst. I asked to speak to the teacher again and told him that the note could have been much worse. She could have changed one letter and that note would have a completely different meaning. I could hear him holding back a giggle as he said, "That's exactly what I was thinking."

    A friend who's son is in the same class approached me after school and said that he had heard #2 was in trouble. He said, "Oh my God! The perfect one really is human!"

    Tomorrow has to be a better day because today sucked!


    terry said...

    what?? you bolt out of bed on weekdays cheerfully?? i'm so impressed.
    most days, the first word that comes to mind when my alarm goes off (well before dawn) is "fuck!"

    i need an attitude adjustment, clearly... !

    Rick Anonymi said...

    You know what you need? An agent!

    MamaKBear said...

    Awww sweetie! I'm sorry you had such a rough day! I really hope tomorrow will be better for you.

    As for #2, once when I was in the 4th grade, my teacher caught me passing a note in class. She not only intercepted it, but then proceeded to read it aloud to the class!! I was mortified! Then of course she sent a note home to my parents, with a photocopy of the note!

    The note itself said something to the effect of "You're the meanest boy in the whole class!" and was meant for a boy named Randy. Dang, I can't believe I remember that!

    Suze said...

    Jenn, I'm not detecting a little of the PMS demon in you am I?

    Ok, don't shout. LOL.

    Hope you are having a better day today sweetie. The note wasn't bad at all, I wrote worse when I was at school. I bet you couldn't have guessed that. ;)

    Big Cute Lady said...

    "You suck _________, Go home!" I could think of a whole host of shit to be placed after the word suck. Matter of fact, I have had to control my urge to not say this shit to just one lucky lady lately. But I'm trying to be the bigger person here. (Not that that's possible!) I like your daughter, she's kinda spunky!

    DZER said...

    sorry it was a bad one darlin' ... hope this one is a lot better *smooch*

    sugarpunk said...

    oh G-SUS (as my youngest woulda said) .. ok yeah YOUR day didnt sound so pleasant.. but that note?... OMG had they upset my kid over that.. they woulda wished they knew how to calm her.. i wouda ripped them a new one..

    not like she said anything about hurting anyone.. or a bomb planted somewhere..

    sry sg i could got off for hours on this.. LOL .. you know me.. i felt the need to stop the rant..

    Sal said...

    Big freakin’ *HUG* sweetie!

    Gary said...

    That's funny. Sounds to me like you're a very good mother.

    Nonny said...

    I was thinking PMS too. Simply because I have a raging case myself right now. You only have days like that when your about to rag it.

    I think your daughter is hilarious. Wonder where she gets that from ;)

    cadbury_vw said...


    maybe i'm out of tune with reality, but isn't it kind of an overreaction by the school to phone all the parents because of a note that says "You suck! Go home!"?

    my daughter is a 10 year old card making, cookie baking, flowers and daisies, keener for the teacher, too


    sorry to hear about a bad morning...

    hope the next few days are better

    now slicing your fingers,

    that sucks

    Ethan said...

    Someone should call a Waaaambulance

    SignGurl said...

    Terry~Yeah, I'm one of THOSE people. I love mornings.

    Rick~An agent to take me to the mental institution?

    MamaK~I'll bet you were a little hellion!

    Suze~Actually the PMS was 2 weeks ago for those keeping track. You REALLY want to stay out of my way then, lol.

    Cute Lady~She is a little spunkmeister!

    Dzer~Aw, thanks!

    Sugar~You know what? I was glad that they called me since she was so upset. I'm really happy that she has some respect for authority.

    Sal~Right back atcha!

    Gary~I try really hard but some days I wonder.

    Nonny~What's up with everyone thinking it's PMS? It's NOT hormones for once!

    Cadbury~Since other students were involved the school felt the need to call the parents. I'm just glad that it wasn't that bad. Cut fingers suck!

    Ethan~I already dialed Whaaa 11.

    Top cat said...

    Jenn, I'm sorry you had such a shit-tay day.
    Sounds like one of those really wicked full moon days, hope it gets better sweetie.

    Pony Boy said...

    Your lips make me want to ejaculate on your face.

    I've learned to say what I want.

    tami said...

    It's a sign from God that it's high time to go out and get that tongue piercing that you've secretly wanted since seeing that movie with that girl who did that thing... you know what I mean.

    (I don't, anyway.)

    It gets better, punkin!

    sugarpunk said...

    well ok that is one way to look at it..

    i woulda been pissed they upset a child THAT much.. and yes im glad she has respect too..