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    Saturday, April 22, 2006

    Friday Fun

    I took yesterday off from work. Mr. Sign took both girls to school so I didn't have to get ready. I decided to clean out the drawers and cabinets in the bathroom. I always think I try to keep things pretty tidy by throwing out things we don't use. Obviously I haven't been doing a good job since I threw out a whole trash bag full of crap. Anyone need some seven year old Darvocet?

    My mom called and invited me to go to the casino with her, her friend and Grandma. Now I hear you all thinking I have a gambling problem but I assure you that I don't. I rarely spend more than $40. Now, my mom and grandma on the other hand have rooms comped all over the U.S. including Vegas. If you are going to go, go with them since all of the food is comped as well.

    As soon as we got there we all went our separate ways. I played a nickel machine and lost $35 dollars in ten minutes. I decided to find something else to do.

    I found the Overdrive Lounge with it's purple velvet chairs and decided to have a seat. It's set up with four chairs around a table so I sat alone. The bar is a half circle shape with the stage raised behind the bar. The next band was moving in to set up.

    While I waited, I saw the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He looked like a Greek God. He had dark hair swept back off his face and a bronze tan. He was wearing a tan shirt that was perfectly pressed with a black tie and black slacks. He didn't have a wedding ring on. I was sitting directly behind him at the bar so I had optimal viewing. My gawd he was gorgeous! I just kept staring since he had no idea that I was behind him raping him with my eyes. He did turn around once and look at me and I think I jumped when our eyes met.

    As I continued to watch him, I realized that he wasn't all that I had made him out to be. The way he talked and his mannerisms started to bother me. I decided that there was obviously a reason he didn't have a ring. He was annoying.

    Two women walked in both were dressed in turquoise blue outfits. One was a beautiful Asian and the other a six foot tall African American. They were in the next band that was setting up. The band was called "Persuasion". The two women had a man that sang with them also. They sang Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Donna Summer, KC and the Sunshine band and many other disco songs. They had great stage presence and were lots of fun.

    While I was listening to the band, an older African American gentleman came over and asked if he could sit by me. I told him to have a seat. He proceeded to ask me if I had a husband and if he was here with me. I told him that he was safe for now but that Mr. Sign was a big angry Italian. He laughed and said that he would be ok.

    The band took a break and all of the members came out and started talking to the man next to me. I found out his name was Snake and that he had been kicked out of the casino for four months and this was his first day back. He was very touchy feely with everyone and I assume that may be why he was bannished.

    Mom called and said they were going to eat. Now this is usually my favorite part. The casino has a buffet that is to die for. They have prime rib, roast duck and anything you ever desired. The dessert area is larger than some restaurants with chocolate concoctions, pies, cheesecakes, cookies and anything else you every could want. Unfortunately, it was seafood night and none of us like it so we ate at a diner that was just ok. I actually had enough points on my card to comp my meal. I have been working on that for the last 6 times I visited.

    My mom was up over $900 so she gave me $100 to play. I won $65 dollars on a nickel machine. That wa s pretty exciting. I cashed it out and proceed to put most back into a 2 cent machine. Those suck your money faster than anything else I ever played. I played a hand of Black Jack at $25 and won so I took it and ran. I kept some of the money to replace some of my money that I had lost and gave the rest back to Mom.

    I got home a little after midnight. I had a great time.


    Farmboy 2 said...

    casino night is big fun and i am the worlds worst gambler. to bad i wasnt there to have a drink with you.

    buddha_girl said...

    *stomping feet*

    You gambled and didn't invite ME? I'm hurt. *sniffle*

    (I am a gambling bitch. Whenever I've gone, I've had to hand over my bank card to the people who are crazed enough to join me. A woman's gotta know her limits.)

    I expect an invitation, dammit!

    Suze said...

    So, people over there don't play bingo they go to the casino. I must admit it sound a lot classier. LOL.

    What's this comp thing, you'll have to explain to us Brits?

    BTW, I share the talent for picking up the old farts too. I wouldn't mind but I have never been chatted up by anyone with money. :D

    cadbury_vw said...

    you deserve an enjoyable night out

    i am glad to hear you had a good time


    i enjoy a casino night on occasion

    i like to go for dinner and a show at the casino lounge, lose a little money ($20) and then watch mrs_c play cards - she is a blackjack shark - watching her win is a thing of beauty

    each time we have gone (4-5 times total) mrs_c has won more than the amount we spend, so it's a free night out each time

    we always leave as soon as we are up by any net amount (usually about $10 or $20)

    barman said...

    Hey Suze, we have bingo too over here but now there is a casino every time you turn around.

    SG, you make Casino night sound like fun. I have never been. I think I am going to have to give that a try. Glad you had a good time and see, sometimes eye candy just is not as sweet as it would appear. I think it was probably more interesting watching the goings on with the gentleman that did sit by you.

    Come on baby needs a new pair of shoes...

    DZER said...

    glad to know snake is allowed back in these days ... LOL

    and I wish I had a casino within driving distance of where I live ... *sigh*

    glad you had some gambling fun ... next time, sit down at the $2-$4 hold 'em table! :)

    Top cat said...

    I'm glad you took a day off, you deserve it.
    Your day at the casino sounds like fun, wonderful descriptions of your people watching experience.

    I've yet to go to the casino, have no interest..I love my money and I'm always afraid I'll get hooked, so I'm not going to tempt myself.
    Mo money! Mo money! Mo money! lol


    Big Pissy said...

    That sounds like fun!

    I've never been to a casino~I wanna go now so I can people watch!

    You made that part sound like what I'd enjoy the most! ;-)