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    Sunday, April 30, 2006

    The Junior Symphany

    Finally, the exciting news about my daughter. As I have mentioned before, my oldest daughter plays the upright bass and auditioned for the Mid-Michigan Junior Symphony and was accepted. I was so proud and excited because this group is made up of mostly high school children and daughter #1 is still in 8th grade. She has been learning so much more from this group than at school since the music they play is much more complicated.

    On Thursday morning, the symphany got to play on the stage at the Wharton Center on the Michigan State University campus. This is the same stage that all of our local off broadway plays and productions are performed on.

    When #1 and I got to the center, we were immediately directed through the Green Room that was filled with head shots and autographs of all the famous people that have performed at the Wharton. Behind the Green Room was the backstage area. It was huge! I've never seen so many wires, lights and pulleys. The ceiling had to be at least 50 feet high.

    This was #1's first big performance. She has performed many times but always with kids her own age. It was interesting to see her finding her way. The first thing she did when she came on stage was to take the 1st chair bassist's spot on the front of the stage. I watched as the 2nd chair nicely told her that her spot was on the other side of him.

    The students were asked to be on the stage two and a half hours early so they could practice. I had not yet heard this group play and was bracing myself for off pitch wrong notes. This was so not the case. These kids played as well as the adult symphony. They played Mozart, Beethoven, a Star Wars compliation theme and some Asian music. I had brought my book to read but was mesmerized by the music for the entire rehersal.

    I took this one from the stage. You can see that the Wharton Center has a balcony level.
    The pictures don't show the enormity of this place.

    This one was taken during rehersal.
    Most of the group was there at this point.

    This is #1. Look how tiny she is. When she first started playing,
    she had a much smaller bass because she couldn't reach
    to the top of the strings. (I wish someone would have moved that chair.)

    So, I've become a stage mom. How exciting is that? They have another performance on May 9th in case anyone is in the area. ;-)


    barman said...

    Contact me Sign Gurl. I should be back in town and if I put off cutting the lawn ... I would love to see the group. Can I bring a camera???

    I am so envious. I love behind the scenes. I love performances like that. And to have a daughter doing all that, how proud are you?

    Congratulations. What awesome news.

    Suze said...

    Jenn, you must be so proud. People will be asking for autographs before too long.

    In the UK nobody is taking up music study and instruments are being sent over to Brazil for kids over there to play music. It's sad really.

    Manny said...

    I am proud for you.
    I bet that your jaws are still hurting from all of the smiling.

    That is quite an accomplishment.

    You know something, she WILL BE be 1st chair.

    Congrats and tell her good luck from me.

    buddha_girl said...

    Awwwwwwww! I'm so proud of #1! I can't imagine the feeling of excitement you had when you saw her play on that stage!

    My hiney won't be anywhere near you guys on the 9th...so sadly, I'll miss her next performance. I'll be there in spirit! Thanks so much for taking the pics and sharing this priceless moment with us!

    Big Pissy said...

    That is so wonderful! I can only imagine how proud you must be!

    Thanks so much for taking the pictures and sharing them with us!

    I can't wait to hear more about the performances!

    SignGurl said...

    Barman~Consider yourself invited!

    Suze~That's one of the sadest things I've heard in a long time. There is a big movement here in the U.S. to keep music alive.

    Man Eater~I keep telling #1 that she's 3 or 4 years behind the other two bass players. Her day will come!

    Buddha Girl!!!~Get your hiney up to Michigan sometime. I can't wait to meet you.

    Pissy~I am a proud momma! Now if I can just ward off all of the estrogen in our house for the next 10 years, things will be ok, lol.

    SignGurl said...

    I forgot to mention how I cried through the whole performance. Music makes me so emotional and especially when it's your flesh and blood playing it!

    Madame X said...

    I have tears in my eyes just thinking baout this SG!
    It is a proud moment for you but for her...being recognized not just by her teachers but by her PEERS must be...astoundingly rewarding.
    Can you make a bootleg of the concert and send it to me?

    cutie said...

    Way cool, Jenn!

    DZER said...

    your pics showed the enormity to me LOL

    congrats and kudos to No. 1 ... I know you must be ultra-proud *smooch*

    Byron said...

    Jenn you must be so happy...even if you cried...proud mum....



    ell said...

    congrats jenn! that's great! my oldest played the violin and i never appreciated classical music until then. i can relate to getting choked up about it - it's so beautiful. very easy to get emotional about it.

    Anonymous said...

    Wow Jenn..that is great.You must be very proud, this is quite an achievement for an 8th grader.:)