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    Friday, April 14, 2006

    Keep Your Fingers Crossed

    I took the CRAPtop (my new name for the laptop) to the Geek Squad today and showed them the duck that appears when I start up. The guy looked about 16 and he yelled over the couple that he was trying to help that he was sure it was the mother board. I asked if the battery being low would give the same errors (161 & 163 both have to do with the internal battery) and he said yes. He said that he was sure the mother board was bad, that it would be expensive to replace and impossible to get parts. He then proceeded to ask me if he could show me some new lap tops. Guess what little man? I'm not buying a new one from you!

    I came home and checked IBM and spent 45 minutes on the phone with 4 different people getting hung up on twice. In the end I got the part number and decided to look at the local battery store since the battery costs $8 but the shipping is $13. I really hope this fixes my problems and I think it will since the computer runs. It's just in safe mode. Blech!

    Mr. Sign and I only worked half days today so we decided to go see Scary Movie 4. I loved the first two with the Wayans Brothers involvement. Number 3 wasn't too bad. SAVE YOUR MONEY!! This movie was just boring and uninspired. I normally laugh at the bathroom humor so hard that I have to wipe the tears away. I only laughed out loud once during the entire movie. Anything even remotely funny has already been shown in the trailers and commercials.

    I'm done trying to be Bill Gates and Siskel and Roeper now. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!


    Madame X said...

    Happy Easter my friend!

    Roxi said...

    well.. seeing as how I havent been to a movie in forever.. I didnt think I would see that one anyway

    Anonymous said...

    I hope the battery works for you Jenn.

    Yeah the first two movies were funny but you could see they were running out of ideas by the 3rd one.
    I'll probably pass this one even on cable.:)

    Suze said...

    Jenn, we all know how important batteries are. *wink, wink*

    Sounds like the geek was trying to rip you off. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the new battery working.

    Have a great Easter and look after your eggs. LOL.

    Big Pissy said...

    I hope the battery works out for you!

    Thanks for the movie review~now I won't bother with it!

    Happy Easter! =)

    hardasabullet said...

    do u enjoy rough sex ?

    DZER said...

    I hate fuckers that don't listen to you and then try to sell you new shit ... asspluggers!!

    barman said...

    You never know, the geek might be right but there is no way I would have bought anything from them.

    Hey if the battery thing does not work I can give it a look see. I am not a hardware kind of guy but I might be able to figure it out. If not, I work with someone I could probably have look at it.

    barman said...

    How could I forget ... first thanks for the heads up about the movie and second ... Happy Easter Jenn.

    Anonymous said...

    Happy Easter to you and your family Jenn.:)

    tami said...

    This is my new background!

    I love you!!!