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    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    And So It Begins...

    I have deliberated about putting something on my blog. It's something I've been thinking about for about three years. What I'm about to tell you will change your view of me be it for better or worse. I've decided to take you on a journey with me if you chose to go.

    If you have read much of my stuff you will know that I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I've spent years dieting and exercising but haven't been able to keep the weight off. I don't want to lose weight for vanity purposes. My desire to lose weight has to do with my health. Right now, my health is great. I have low blood pressure and cholesterol. This might not always be the case. What I do have right now are some aching knees and hips.

    The process has been started to allow me to have Gastric Bypass Surgery. Wow! I know! Big step. This is not something that I've entered into lightly. The surgery will change my life forever but it's something that I now know I have to do.

    I have been reading everything I can get my hands on and have also spoken to several persons who have had the surgery. A great blogger friend (who shall remain nameless unless that person decides to out themself) has been emailing me the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of life before and after Gastric Bypass.

    I'm not even sure that the surgery will happen since it is a long process to qualify. It will take from 4 to 7 months from today to have the surgery if I am candidate. I attended a seminar today and will shortly begin the barrage of tests and doctor visits.

    It's taken me this long to get the the point where I knew this was the right thing for me to do. My personal physician did not support me in this decision because he's an old school doctor with dreams of making his diet plan a national success. I tried his and everyone elses and couldn't make it work. In the end I had to say to him, "I've already made up my mind that this is what I'm going to do, with or without you. I would really appreciate having you on board to help me manage my health through the process." He said that he wasn't familiar with the surgery but promised to do some research. I have to say that if you know that something is right for you in regards to your health but your physician isn't supportive, get a different opinion! I have wasted too much time trying to tip toe around my doctor.

    So, if you are still with me here, I would appreciate good thoughts and prayers that it will happen as I take you on my journey.


    barman said...

    I am glad you have done this properly and checked into everything. It is not something to be taken lighley. For what it is worth I will be here for you if you should ever need an encouraging word or two or four. I think the world of you SG. You are a super person and I do not think this will do anything but make you a super person that is at a much more healthy weight. Good for you my friend. Best wishes on the process.

    ell said...

    i wish you all the best with this jenn. just be sure to follow the doctor's orders. one of my friends just had this done about 3 weeks ago and so far, so good. i'll be keeping a good thought for you.

    Manny said...

    I have a freind at work that was waaaaay over weight.
    She had that surgery and she looks great, feels better, and is so much more happy.
    She has four kids and wanted to be around to play with grand kids and everything else.
    She is a size 12 now and she is trying to get me to give her my clothes.
    I bounce from 8 to 12.
    More 12 then 8 these days.
    I say go for it.
    You have researched it and if you have peace about it then do it.
    Good for you.
    Only remember this, beauty is on the inside and when it's inside it will always find it's way out.
    Crap, I am emmotional right now.
    not because of you, but well you know.

    Kristen said...

    Oh good luck!!! I think if it's something you feel strongly about, you've researched, and it will improve your health and your perception of yourself then go for it

    Manny said...

    P.S I am wearing my sun glasses

    Big Pissy said...

    It sounds like you've done all the research and put a lot of thought in to this decision.

    I say: go for it! :)

    I know of about 10 people here in hell who've had this surgery and they've all done well, look great and seem much more healty.

    good luck with it all!!!

    terry said...

    SG, only you can know whether this is the right thing for you... so fuck anyone who tells you this isn't right.

    it's not like it's an easy process.

    i look forward to hearing more about how this all works out for you!

    Manny said...

    What were you doing over at kiddings?
    Send him my way and tell crabby to put my picture back up on crabby.
    the one in the pink shirt.

    Manny said...

    shit, i thought that it was a guy.
    i give up.

    Suze said...

    Jenn, you can only be true to yourself. I support you 100%. Whatever makes you happy is the right thing to do.

    You have obviously been thorough in your research and not taken your decision lightly.

    I'm sending big hugs that everything goes well. I'll be thinking about you.

    Michele in Michigan said...

    Congratulations on making this big decision! I know women who have had it done & would do it again in a heartbeat. A coworker is beginning the process now. I have also been contemplating, but then I get the "guilties" that maybe I haven't tried hard enough (or long enough) to lose weight. I am so tired of this seemingly never-ending battle with weight.

    Are you leaning toward the banding or the Rou-en-Y?

    I will be behind you all the way as you work toward a healthier you!!


    Madame X said...

    I've know quite a few people who have had this surgery and ALL have been very happy with the results both physical and mental...You are ALWAYS in my thoughts and my prayers!!!!


    Nonny said...

    If this is what you want to do than of course I will support you every step of the way. Working in the medical field I have seen how much this surgery can improve someone's quality of life, IF they choose the follow doctor's orders. On more than one occasion I've seen patient's who lose alot of weight >100lbs and then fall back into their old eating habits. Not that I think you would, your way more motivated than the people I'm talking about. I'm hopeful and excited for you as you start this journey.

    Sal said...

    I’m yours through everything sweetie!!

    Motor City Monk said...

    Even an "old school" doctor should be familiar with and knowledgeable regarding this type of procedure.

    I doubt your current doctor could be supportive of you and your quest.

    I'd recommend you get some referrals for a new doctor before moving forward.

    Good luck! - I know it's changed many a life for the better.

    The Kept Woman said...

    Found you at CrabCake's place...

    What a day to come in on! Kudos to you for doing what makes you happy and healthy. As Suze said you can only be true to yourself and if this is what you want and feel you need, then go for it.

    I can't wait to see the progression as you get ready to embark on this adventure!

    grainne said...

    Let me start with find yourself a NEW primary care physician....one who understands the post surgical care you are going to require...everything from the types of over the counter meds to the levels of calcium you need is going to change. It's too important for you not to have a dr that is knowledgable and keeps up to date with the gastric bypass post operative care. Which surgery are you looking at?? I know people who have had each kind...and each of them seem to have had a different result and different problems but all but a couple of them are really pleased with the outcome.

    Look for a support group in your area...odds are there should be at least one - the others who have already been there can really give you an idea of what to expect, pointers and tips and can be your biggest supporters while you are recovering...not to mention you can make contacts with people who are going to have the surgery at the same time and stay in touch with them and support each other. I know people who this surgery has changed thier lives and it can work.

    I hope you will keep us updated on your progress...I will keep my fingers crossed for you !

    Gary said...

    I know very little about it. Sounds like you are going about it the right way, though. Good for you.

    Snow White said...

    SG- Good for you! I've thought about this, also, but the price is out of my range, right now. I know several people who have had the surgery and it's really changed their lives. I'm glad to follow you through the journey. Maybe it will inspire me to eventually take the step! You are in my thoughts and prayers! xox

    BTExpress said...

    I know that since you have been looking into this for so long, you undrestand the pros, cons and dangers involved in this life altering step. Therefore, I support you in this and wish you all the best.

    Lara said...

    My cousin and his wife both had it, along with several others I know (including a blogger friend... possibly the same friend as yours). The first time I saw my cousin after he had it was about 6-8 months post-surgery. I didn't know who he was. Totally clueless... no idea. It was amazing. And today he's a different person, inside as well as out. The changes he had to make to his lifestyle, along with the changes that resulted in his body, helped him find himself. It truly was a miracle in his case.

    It's not an easy road, but neither are diets and exercise. They just don't work for some people. You're a strong woman, so I know without a doubt that you'll be able to make the lifestyle changes that it requires. My thoughts and prayers will be with you as you strive to qualify for it.


    tami said...

    I think you're a beautiful woman, regardless, hon - but if this is something that you want, then go for it!

    Positive thoughts and good vibes your way, babe!