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    Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    Chicago Pictures

    I finally downloaded some of the pictures from #1's eighth grade class trip to Chicago.

    The fabulous Chicago skyline as
    seen from Adler Planetarium.

    The whole crew (except for me, I took the pictures).
    That would be #1 in the front showing off her legs.

    My mom and #1. Aren't they adorable?

    A view up #1's nostrils. This is the building that
    Oprah used to live in for years. Don't you just love the bug
    eye sunglasses? She broke them. (I'm really sad about that.)

    The rest of the pictures are fish at Shedd's aquarium.
    I took 10 pictures of this blue fish and never got a good one.
    He was beautiful.

    This jelly fish can change shape as well as color.

    I have a thing for sea horses. You have to appreciate any
    species where the male gives birth and takes care of the offspring.

    Here's another sea horse.
    It looks like seaweed.

    It was a great, albeit quick trip. #1 will never forget the friends she got to go with.

    I don't usually get in many pictures and that was the case with the Chicago trip. Maybe someday I will feel comfortable having my picture taken.


    Anonymous said...

    these pictures are great!
    I love the seahorse ones too except for the giving birth part.:)

    Sal said...

    Way cool pics sweetie. I'll be looking for one of you *wink*

    barman said...

    Sign, I guess we will just have to look at your Mom and image a bit cuter.

    By the way I love that your daughter did that with the legs. I see she has a little bit of you in her after all. What a fun personality. And of course great generation picture there with your Mom and your daughter. We are just missing you and we will have three generations.

    Glad you had fun. What lovely pictures of the different fish.

    Manny said...

    Did you buy shoes? Did you remember I wear a six? Where are the pics of the shoes? LOL

    Just teasing sweetie. Great pics, I would have loved to of come with.

    wmy said...

    yep, up the nostrils pictures are always a proud moment to look back on!! Love the pics of the jellyfish and other sea stuff! lol

    sassinak said...

    sounds like a lovely trip, i love the pics. i'm sad the blue fish didnt' work out but i guess they don't really have to, you just have to remember...

    buddha_girl said...

    She broke the bug glasses? Dammit!

    That pinky-red jellyfish looks like the innards of a person. Are you sure I didn't have a meltdown and pull out someone's guts?

    SO GLAD you took the time to share the pics! They're great!

    Suze said...

    Jenn, great shots. #2 looks so like your mum, you could all be peas in a pod.

    The trip looked marvelous. Next time I'll come and take the pictures for you. :)

    cadbury_vw said...

    wonderful slice of life

    i'm glad you enjoyed the trip

    i wish i could see chicago

    Big Pissy said...

    Love the pictures! :)

    I've never been to Chicago. :(

    Mone said...

    Great pics. All I've seen from Chicago so far is the airport, changing planes. To bad.

    Denny Shane said...

    excellent pictures, but I have to tell you... if you look real close on the 17th floor of Oprah's former residence, there is a naked chick looking out the window.

    Sheets said...

    I think that class picture is EXACTLY where I took pictures of my family earlier this spring! Too funny!

    (available on flickr)