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    Friday, August 25, 2006

    Blogger is Chaffing My Ass Today

    Why is it that when I get some time to visit sites, Blogger decides that I can't leave comments? I had to try to post a comment at least 3 times before it would go through. I finally gave up. I'm really sick of having to refresh the pages too. I'm lazy damnit and I don't want to push any more buttons than I have to.

    Took the girls to see the Pirates of the Caribbean. The effects were amazing! I was slightly disappointed with the fact that the entire movie is a set up for the next one. I was warned by Nonny so I wasn't too upset. I think I spotted a nipple in one scene. I went to the official web site to try to download a picture but of course it's not there since it's Disney.

    I'm a cheap bitch so I fed the kids before we went and then stopped at the dollar store for candy. I had to shell out $18 for tickets for a matinee show. How ridiculous is that? I'll be a monkey's butt if I'm going to give them any more of my money. I used to sneak in pop and popcorn in a really huge purse. That, my friends is frugality at it's best.

    I'm looking forward to a boring uneventful weekend. I might not even get dressed. I'm going to live a life of leisure and hope you do too.


    buddha_girl said...

    Ha!! I'm just like you! Don't think I didn't pack a BUNCH of stuff in Buddha's stroller when I took him to MANY movies last summer as an infant. Lorna and I lived large. No one in their right mind will try to search a baby's stroller. Good times!

    I clean out my purse every time I go to the movies...and pack it with drinkies, et all. Good thinking, sister!

    Have a great weekend!

    barman said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    barman said...

    Not sure if this is what you where looking for or not. I found it in a google search.

    See now I go to the Grand Ledge theater because they are cheaper. The price of a movie is out rageous.

    Glad you had a great time, short of blogger that is. Have a great weekend.

    Lady K said...

    First: Sorry I didn't respond to your email. I STILL can't remember the dream I was thinking about.

    Second: BLOGGER BITES whale dicks sometimes. If it's not the picture situation, it's the comment issue. OH, what I would give to meet one of those rocket scientists in a bar somewhere. My thought is that they all need to get HN. Period.

    Third: Nonny doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about, and she knows it. Ask her, she KNOWS I know. ;-)

    Finally, I've got a post about the movies I'm working on myself...

    Manny said...

    LMAO Squirrel does the same thing. Everday day all she carries is a fanny pack, but on movie days she carries a tote bag. Not a giant purse, but a tote bag! This bad is filled with popcaorn, soda, candy, and sometimes even sandwiches. We will only go to the early movies. There is never time to eat beforehand as we clean our houses, shower, and meet up around 1:00 or so. I don't really like going to the movies, but it's a sacrifice I make for my sister squirrel, just like going to wal mart or a chinese buffet.

    GO BUCKS! It's almost time. tee hee

    Sal said...

    I have some ointment that I am sure will help cure the chaffing!

    Kristen said...

    I always sneak in snacks.......it's the way to go

    Suze said...

    Jenn, Blogger is a b*****d and that's all I can say. I hope we will be moving to something more stable soon.

    I hope you have a weekend of debauchery just like me girl. ;)