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    Monday, August 21, 2006

    An Experiment

    I've been thinking about how I write. I have a hard time writing anything that didn't happen to me. I guess I'm not cut out to write fiction. I thought I would try an experiment. I'm going to write two pieces and see if you can guess which one is real.


    One warm spring afternoon, after kindergarten, I started my five block walk home.
    Earlier that morning my mother decided to let me walk home alone since she had no car and a two year old at home.

    I had to cross four streets and only the one closest to school had a crossing guard. The regular guard wasn't there and I missed saying hello to her. I liked talking to her and she always had a smile for me.

    After I had traveled three blocks, a red van approached me as I walked alone on the sidewalk. I didn't think anything of it and continued on.

    A high school boy rolled down the window and asked me if I needed a ride as the van crawled along beside me. I shook my head no and sped up a bit trying to keep my eyes straight ahead.

    The van got slightly ahead of me when the door flew open and the boy jumped out and grabbed my arm. He tried to pull me into the vehicle but I somehow had the tenacity to struggle free.

    I ran as fast as I could and didn't look back until I got close to home. I didn't see them anywhere.

    I decided not to tell my mother because I thought that I had done something wrong.

    The next morning my mother came in to wake me up and asked me about what had happened the day before. "How did she know?" I thought.

    The absent crossing guard's house was on my route home and she had witnessed the entire incident through her window.

    My mom hugged me close and told me to always tell her when something bad happened no matter what.

    I still wonder what would have become of me if I hadn't run like the wind.



    I was 15 when I got the chance to spend time in Europe in the spring. We went as a group and had six adult chaperones. For the most part, the chaperones where lenient with us, turning their backs as we had wine with our meals and beer in our hotel rooms.

    One evening while on the French Mediterranean the group decided to go to a discotech. I dressed in the electric blue silk skirt that I had spent all of my spending
    money on. I had also purchased 4" blue heels to match. My blouse was white cotton tatted lace with a hot pink tank top underneath. I wore piece of lace tied in my hair as a head band. I was a Madonna wanna be.

    When we got to the discotech, we became aware of the fact that we were the youngest in the crowd. A group of us girls decided to dance together on the dance floor since the guys wouldn't dance because it wasn't cool.

    The music pounded as we began to dance. My shoes were killing my feet so I took them off and placed them on the side of the dance floor.

    A while later, I noticed that my shoes were gone. I began to search the bar and my attention was quickly drawn to a middle aged French man who wore his shirt unbuttoned all the way down to his satin pants. He had my shoes!

    I walked over to him and whispered, "S'il vous plais?" in his ear as I tugged on my shoes. He relented and let them go.

    Several minutes later, the man began dancing behind me. He kept putting his hands and different parts of my body beginning first with my arm. Soon, he pulled my lace head band out of my hair and returned to his seat with it. I followed him quickly afraid of this man's game. He grabbed my wrist, pulled me onto his lap and said, "Veuillez revenir à mon endroit avec moi?" (translation) Will you come back to my place with me?) as he handed me a key that I believed to be to his home.

    He had a strong grip on my arm and I couldn't struggle free. I was petrified by what this man wanted.

    One of the male chaperones (who was our Assistant Principal) had been approached by a waitress who told him that the man who was after me was known to abduct young white Americans and sell them into slavery.

    The chaperone jumped to his feet and came to my rescue. He pulled my arm free and took my head band.

    He told me that I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I'm glad I didn't have to find out.

    So, what do you think? Which one is true? I'll reveal the answer tomorrow.


    The Savage said...

    I'd have to say "White Slavery" is the real one. You were a bit more vivid with detail in it....
    Both are well written by the way.. I wish I could write....

    Manny said...

    I like them both.

    Since you are making me choose I choose the first one. They may not have been high school age though.

    Sal said...

    Jeez, I hope neither one was!

    Kristen said...

    I'm stumped..........shocking I know

    barman said...

    OK due to dates and when Disco more or less died everywhere I could have to guess Abduction was the true story. I must say, regardless which is true I am sorry to hear that. They are both awfull (but also well written). I think youre experiment went well.

    Big Pissy said...

    The second one is the true story.

    Both well written, btw!

    Madame X said...

    Unfortunately I think they are both real.


    Nonny said...

    I think your being hard on yourself. Both of these stories are written very well. The topics are quite disturbing, but otherwise, you certainly held my attention.

    If I have to guess, since I also think they could both be true. I'm gonna say "White Slavery" is fake.

    gab said...

    Hummm...Both? Both are true? if so you've had an intresting life. If not I'll go with the first one.

    Karen said...

    Just returning your visit to say thanks for the comment on my blog.

    tina said...

    Hmmm I'm gonna say White Slavery is the fake only because of two items in the story. 1) I'm guessing your mom wouldn't have let a kindergardener walk 5 blocks and cross streets without a crossing guard. 2) I'm also thinking the crossing guard would have done something if she had seen.

    crabcake said...

    Ok, this is HARD, Sign. They both ring true to me.

    But I'm going with the first one. No. I changed my mind. I'm going with the second one. And here's the only reason why, I think the crossing guard would have called your mom or the school soon as she saw and your mom would have said something right away.

    Still..... it could be the first one anyway.

    UGH! This is HARD!

    Ok, the second one.

    PS. I thought you weren't a writer? Pretty damn good at it if you ask me.

    Suze said...

    Jenn, I wish none of them were true.

    If I have to pick one, I would say the second one. Purely because you were more descriptive with your writing. I'm probably way off the mark. :D

    Manny said...

    I'm so confused...
    You said the answer would be tomorrow and it's tomorrow.