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    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    More Mindless Mutterings

    • I suck because I didn't pick Benji to win So You Think You Can Dance.
    • Never eat beans for lunch. They should be eaten in the evening so as to "share" with your significant other.
    • Buffets make me ill. I hate having to use the same serving utensil as the sweaty hairy guy that just walked out of the bathroom without washing his hands.
    • Is it wrong that I no longer feel bad for the guy that I saw get thrown from his car this weekend once I found out he was driving drunk? He suffered 2 broken legs. His wife was following behind him. She stopped and made a U turn when she noticed his truck upside down. The EMT's told her where they were taking him and she said she had a party to get to. Her real problem was that she was also drunk and wanted to avoid the police. Nice, huh? Does that make me a bad person?
    • I really like using bullet points in my posts. Can you tell?
    • I saw a picture of myself today that had I been on the verge suicide, would have been the straw that broke the camel's back.
    • Does anyone else think "America's Got Talent" is the lamest show ever?
    • Never read through your blog archives. You will find that the crap you wrote when you began is way better (but no one ever read) than the drivel you produce now, without exception.
    • Tonight's family gathering was worse than most. I found myself looking for excuses to leave as soon as everyone got there.
    • Is is Friday yet?


    tina said...

    Sorry about the gathering.

    No, it's not wrong to feel that way about the drunk driver. Drinking and driving DO NOT mix. The good thing is he only hurt himself and not someone else. It's usually the other way around.

    I don't care for buffets either - it makes me almost ill to see the amount some people will eat - and how fast. Oh great! I'll be thinking about those utensils at my favorite salad bar! There is one place in town where I love their salad bar - but I never thought about the utensils!!!

    littlefeet said...

    nope...i wouldnt feel bad either...



    Manny said...

    It's Friday now!!!!! I love Fridays. Sorry I don't watch the show.

    I like your bullets. I was thinking of doing a flow chart for a post sometime.

    I love family gatherings as long as they are with Crab and Squirrel only. When I was married I hated them. His family drank too much and the one brother always asked to borrow money. I would always say "hell no you can't borrow any money! Get a job you dumb ass" Was that mean? I hope so because I was trying.

    Happy weekend sweetie and try to come out and play.

    I have a secret!

    DZER said...

    bulleted lists rock MY Casbah ...

    ... and yes, darlin' ... it IS Friday :)

    Nonny said...

    Awesome post, emphasized so nicely by the bullet points.

    Your not a loser for not picking Benji, it was a toss-up between him and Heidi.

    Your so right about the archives. I often think about just linking back to old posts for people who never read them. But that's lazy I guess.

    David Hasselhoff is the devil. That's all I have to say about that.

    Yes, it's Friday!

    crabcake said...

    psssst! YES! It is Friday. WOOOT!

    ell said...

    happy friday girlie-girl! i may not have been posting, but i've been checking in on you.

    tks for stopping by.


    Manny said...

    I can't read my first blog thingies cuz I deleted them. Remember?

    Suze said...

    Drunk driving, well he deserved to get more than a couple of broken legs!

    Jenn, if you have good stuff in your archives. Just remove your history and then repost them in a couple of months and nobody would ever know. LOL

    Chrissie said...

    I dunno... feel sorry for him still, more so for his family, but maybe thats because my brother did 12 weeks in SICU after drinking and driving his car into a light pole at 70mph.

    I've done it.. gotlucky nothin happened, most people I know have at some point had too much to drink and driven home, luckily nothing happened to them either.

    If it was a habitual DUI then I can see having less sympathy but... i dunno. Some people just dont get lucky that ONE time.

    Oh and on Benji... i had picked him but mostly because he was a student of my aunts in the 1st grade and she made me *L*