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    Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    And The Beat Goes On

    La di da di di, La di da di da

    Yes, I've completely lost it since I'm now singing Sonny and Cher.

    After a 2 hour phone call, Mr. Sign got the insurance company to reopen my case for WLS. Today my surgeon called the insurance company doctor that is reviewing my case to review my file. The surgeon made my case for me but was told by the insurance doctor that he couldn't understand my paperwork. My surgeon has to highlight and circle all the weights and dates and refax all info to the insurance company so the idiot can see that everything is there.

    I'm left to wonder what the next hurdle will be. Ugh!


    Mr. Sign and I got the pleasure of taking my friend (since 1st grade) and her husband out to dinner last Saturday night. They had taken us out when we visited them and it was our turn to reciprocate. We took them to a swanky place in downtown Lansing called Troppo. Great atmosphere with lots of talk of old times.

    I had my first martini called a Bad Apple Martini. It had cranberry juice and that's all I can think of that was in it. It was ok. Now I can say I've had one.

    The food was gourmet. I had some sort of soup that had chicken and whole onions that were the size of rocky mountain oysters. That's all I could think about so I couldn't eat the onions because I was picturing testicles.

    My entree was pork tenderloin cooked in apples topped with gorganzola cheese and walnuts. It would have been ok except that the garlic mashed potatoes were also smothered in the sweet apple sauce. I didn't care for the sweet and savory mix. Everyone else had great meals.

    Mr. Sign paid the bill and I never asked how much until our friends left. He wouldn't tell me. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of $150 (one appetizer, 5 drinks and no dessert) but found out that it was over $200! I looked over the receipt and found that we had been charged for 6 entrees instead of four. We called the restaurant and they credited our card. Now I'm left thinking about the fact that we spent $150 on a meal. That's more than we spend in a week on groceries for 4 people.
    My conclusion in all of this is that since we are now even with our friends, it would be better to split the bill as couples. Having the other couple pay, with us reciprocating doesn't work for us since Mr. Sign and I rarely drink. Even better would be for us to cook for them next time :)


    Roxi said...

    dude.. that sounds wonderful!!

    So I am guessing you dont want me to hit them with the car then?

    SignGurl said...

    Roxi~ Keep the car handy just in case :)

    kimmyk said...

    I went through that first time around-weight loss and visits noted.

    Next for me came-"Let's see the diets and attempts you've made in the past" so I lied and wrote down all these fake diets I tried [but didn't] and sent that in. Then came the whole "You need a psychological evaluation"-so I jumped through more hoops. Don't give up!!!

    Everyone's drinking Apple Martini's these days. Somedays I miss having a fancy smancy drink with an umbrella.

    barman said...

    The stupid insurance company obviously does not know who they are dealing with. Keep after them. Sooner or later you will tire them out.

    Wow I have had decent experiences at Troppos however, A) I have never had a drink there and B) I have I have only had lunch. Now lunch was certainly not as cheap as other places but wow, I think I would have choked on the bill a little. Glad you got the bill reduced.

    You know they are just about to open (Oct 14 grand opening) another resteraunt/bar about 2 blocks down the street and I fear it is going to be even more expensive in there. I am not sure who it is they think can afford these places in this town.

    I think dinner in is the way to go for sure.

    blog_surfer said...

    Did you read Cadbury's latest blog and his added comment? I'm confused. Did his son arrive unexpected and meet Ms_S? or did his son arrange to collect his books and was warned Ms_S was there? Maybe you can clarify this.

    Nonny said...

    That's one expensive meal buddy. I think a home cooked meal would be a great gesture. Home cooking mean you've spent the time preparing something for them. It's alot more personal I think.

    Thank god you reviewed that check!

    Kristen said...

    That's a hell of a dinner.......geez....

    I'm excited for you that they reopened the case

    sassinak said...

    i'mwith you,make them dinner, it's much cheaper.

    or? take them somewhere 'quaint'


    Suze said...

    Jenn, next time send out for pizza. Then you don't have to cook and the meal is cheaper. Ooh, I'm such a cheap skate. lol

    That insurance company deserve a huge kick up the ass!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get some good news soon.