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    Saturday, October 28, 2006

    It's Me

    Hey everyone! Thank you all for your kind words. Special thanks to Barman for posting the update for me. It really made me happy to know that you all knew I was ok.

    I got home Thursday evening because things were going so well. The first night was a little rough but I made it.

    I'm having to rest a lot but the pain is much less today (day 3). There were a couple of other things that had to be repaired while in surgery. I had some scar tissue and also a hiatal hernia that was pushing my stomach into my lungs. Both were fixed.

    I'll update later with all the details as I'm still pretty tired but happy to be on the loser's side!


    Anonymous said...

    yaay! welcome home, signgurl. glad you're doing well and looking forward to following the next chapter of your story...

    Roxi said...

    Honey we missed you but everyone is happy that you are better and out and doing well..

    Good thing they fixed all that fun stuff!!


    barman said...

    Welcome back Sign and glad to hear from you. I so wanted to call but you need your rest too. Glad you beat me to it.

    I am so happy to hear things are going much better. Just make sure you take it easy as I am sure you will easily get tired for the next little bit.

    Looking forward to hear from you again soon and feel better. *loser's side hugs*

    Top cat said...

    Welcome home sweetie, glad to hear you're ok.
    Take your time, rest up, let them wait on you for a change.

    I hope you have a lot of catalogs you can browse through picking out new clothes for your forthcoming "new look":)especially Frederick's and Victoria's Secret.(wink)
    big giant hugs from East of ya.

    Michele in Michigan said...

    Oh sweetie!! I am SOO excited for you!!

    Keep on smiling that beautiful smile of yours. You're going to be where you want before you know it!

    Sending you some gentle healing hugs~

    (p.s.--my computer is DEAD so I had to borrow my son's :)

    Lara said...

    This is SO exciting! :) I love hearing your updates on this... believe me, we're all almost as excited as you are.

    So when is Mr Sign's again?

    Manny said...

    I just knew you would be back soon.

    You rest sweetie. Ok I gotta go see what Jason is up too...or is it Michael? I'm so confused.

    kimmyk said...

    Yeah for being a loser!!! LOL!

    Hope you're healing well and able to get up and moving a little more with each day. Take care of yourself.

    gab said...

    Welcome home hun. Glad all went well. Now on to bigger loses. WTG! very proud. Hugs

    Anonymous said...

    Great, great, great!!!! :)

    Suze said...

    Jenn, I'm so pleased to hear that everything went well. You take care and take it easy.

    Sending huge *hugs*

    MamaKBear said...

    YAY! Welcome back!! Very happy to see you post, and glad they fixed that "other stuff" too. Yep...pretty sure stomach in the lungs is not good!


    tina said...

    Great to hear from you! Hope you are feeling even better today.

    Nonny said...

    Hey beautiful, glad your home. Glad things went well and your recovery is going smoothly so far. Thought of you alot this weekend, I just never got on the computer with all the Halloween shit going on. Take it easy and rest as much as you can.

    Sal said...

    Glad you’re safe and back at home. XO!

    ell said...

    so glad you're back and on the road to recovery. keep us posted!