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    Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    The Dentist

    We have been seeing the same dentist for about 4 years. I make my appointment with the girls'. Our last visit was in June. After getting the full treatment, I tried to make our next 6 month appointment. The office staff had recently changed and the new girl told me that she couldn't book appointments out further than 2 months. WTF? I've always made them for 6 months later. She told me she would send a card 2 months before so we could call her to make an appointment. Could this get any more difficult?

    Apparently it could. Mr. Sign had an appointment in November and I told him to ask why we hadn't received a card. He was informed by the new girl that it was my fault that I didn't call and that they would not block 3 appointments together. Again, WTF? She was very bitchy and Mr. Sign was pissed. You do not want to mess with Mr. (Sicilian) Sign. He will mess you up.

    He called the office manager who appologized and promised that the new girl was on her way out. The only way she could accomodate our appointments was to book them in a nearby office (about 20 minutes away). The problem was, she never called to tell me when they were booked for. All I knew was that they were in January. I assumed I would get a card or a call to let me know.

    I got the call all right. At 3:30pm today saying we all missed our 3 o'clock appointments. Huh? She asked if we could still come over. I told her I only had one kid with me but we would be there.

    As soon as we walked in the door she said, "I didn't have time to make reminder calls and I forgot to email your husband with the date." Is it just me, or was she thinking I was psychic?

    The chick who cleaned my teeth used some supersonic dental thing that sprayed water all over my face. She did it in 10 minutes. I'm guessing it's not the best cleaning I've ever had.

    I'm quite particular about my teeth since my parents paid a lot for them (years of orthontics). The hygenist did say that I had very white teeth. What a suck up!

    I just needed to vent about the crazy dentist office visit.


    Manny said...

    F------!!!All in upper case!!!!

    I love my dentist. I go for a cleaning 4 times a year. I know, I know, most folke only go twice a year, but I am different. I have to pay for 2 of them, but I don't care. I like being clean!

    Come to Ohio and go to mine!!!

    Manny said...

    Who the hell do they think they are??????

    Do you want me to write a letter and remind them...Who exactly is working for who????

    I will!!!!!

    I am an excellent letter writer.

    Kristen said...

    That is insane.......that doctor's office needs restaffing

    Very good rant

    Manny said...

    btw, I love the water sonic thingy.. I insist on it every time I go. I smoke and drink coffee. They work for us!!!!!

    Too busy to make a reminder call? Unacceptable!!!!!

    Maybe you should be too busy to pay the bill. I know, you can't do that, but WTF???????????

    Anonymous said...

    Geez, does anyone understand the concept of customer service anymore...They have a job, BECAUSE you are their patient. What happened to "the customer is right" concept. Great rant...I think you got the rest of us fired up too!!!

    Big Pissy said...

    I used to have a dentist who was always in a rush and therefore~very rough.

    He also had a staff member who called my husband AT WORK over a $60 balance that the insurance company hadn't covered.

    We paid the $60 and found a new dentist.

    I'd suggest finding a new dentist.

    barman said...

    Wow I have bene fairly fortunate with my dentist. I go in three times a year. Luckily the insurance covers it. Because of this I schedule appointments 8 months out. I can not even imagine doing what that staffer said you needed to do. I would hate to move on. I know I would call and complain big time and ask that I never have to deal with that person again or else I would move on.

    Anonymous said...

    You have your own teeth?

    Guess what? I learned how to correspond from home...everyone's in trouble now, hahahahaha

    ~~Rae~~ said...

    LOL next time you go in there you should bring a lil clear ball and tell her to use it since she seems to think you are psychic..Hopefully she will be gone soon and I hope next time the chick who cleans your teeth has better aim. Thank for the comment on my blog I have tried reading at night but I end up falling asleep for a lil while and wake up and the whoe process starts all over again lol

    Anonymous said...

    What a pain in the ass! Sounds like you need a new dentist.

    I am lucky. I love my dentist and have seen him for years. While he has had a couple of people leave I still see the same staff members when I visit. They know me and are so nice. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Anonymous said...

    My freaky office has that same policy with regard to the 2 month thing. It's insane, and they aren't even kind enough to send out reminder cards!

    I say time for a new dentist!

    Suze said...

    What the hell are they playing at. I assume just like over here you pay for all your care.

    It seems that incompetence is everywhere!

    tina said...

    That IS crazy! We always book our next appointment (6 months)at check-out. We get a reminder postcard and a call the day before the appointment (I'm guessing they have had plenty not show). They do not make a big deal out of any of this or act like they are doing you a big favor - it's just the way it works.

    I made a mistake once of changing from this dentist (we go to a hubby/wife dentist team) because of dental insurance (our dental insurance does not cover our current dentist) - and got myself a complete QUACK. He did that ultra sonic water cleaning. I swear they could do 50 cleanings in a day - that method is so fast. My hubby couldn't stand it - his gums are a bit tender - and my teeth never felt as clean. Lesson learned we returned to our old dentist. It's worth it to pay more for the quality care.

    My grandmother has had dentures for as long as I can remember, therefore, I have been preached to all my life about the care of teeth! LOL

    Anonymous said...

    Mornin Sign, trying to chew your Grape-Nuts?

    Anonymous said...

    Hey honey, I'm back among the living, for now anyway. Nicotine withdrawl has made me all fuzzy headed.

    I hate the dentist. That's really all I have to say about that. But that office seems really inefficient.

    buddha_girl said...

    In my current state of mind, I would have bitch-slapped any and all office cunts who spoke to me and treated me like that.

    That's the nicest thing I can say today.

    Sal said...

    LOL, Been there. Now I actually have found a great dentist just a few blocks from home.

    Craig D said...

    Quick commiseration: When I relocated to NC a few years back, I went trolling for a new dentist. I made an appointment at one place and went in for my first cleaning.

    I went early and I filled out the paperwork. Upon handing it to the office manager she said, "I'll need full payment before the doctor sees you. That'll be $280, please."

    That sounded pretty sucky, but I pulled out my check book and wrote up a check.

    "Um, we don't take checks, cash only!" se replied.

    "Well, I don't usually carry around those big bags with the dollar signs on them. What am I, Scrooge McDuck?" I wish I'd said, but didn't.

    I reached over the counter and retrieved my paperwork.

    "If you don't trust me enough to take my check," I said whilst tearing up the paperwork, "I don't don't trust you guys enough to let the doctor put his fingers in my mouth!"

    Our Pastor and his wife hipped us to a great dentist and that's where we've been ever since.

    Anonymous said...

    You know, I still talk to you when I'm at work.

    Anonymous said...

    our dentist's office calendars everyone for the year so your check-up is at roughly the same time each year, and calls us to do the booking for the calendared date(s) - and calls all of the contact numbers listed to confirm - leaving messages on each until they reach you and get a confirm...

    yeah - written complaint time

    crabcake said...

    Dentist. shiver.
    Yanno, that hygenist may not have done a great job on your teeth but you did get a good face washing.
    (new years resolution - the cup is half full. I figure this one should last me until...oh about 8 am tomorrow)

    BTExpress said...

    I'm thinking a new dentist is in order. What are you waiting for?

    kimmyk said...

    I'd rather get a pap and my girls felt up then go to the dentist.

    Anonymous said...

    All right be that way!
    You can make it up to me on HNT...Yeah Baby!

    Anonymous said...



    I'm just glad everyone is doing okay.

    Oh, did I mention this morning's award winning post?

    Forget I said anything about it...


    Top cat said...

    That sounds very screwy to me.
    We always make them for 6 months when we are finished with the cleaning.
    This is followed up by a card and a phone call a day or two before.

    Nice venting tho.:)

    jillie said...

    OMG...since when does a dentist office NOT make their cleaning appt's 6 months in advanced? That is so totally messed up. I hear you loud and clear...WTF!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    That is the kind of shoddy treatment that, eight years ago, made me find a new dentist... and the bonus was that her office was next door to mine.