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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007


    I had to buy some new jeans yesterday. I would rather go to the dentist than go to the mall but that is what I was forced to do today.

    I found my favorite jeans, (5 sizes smaller) a bra and new underwear. All for $42. Bonus!!

    When the clerk was ringing up my purchase, she tried to talk me into buying another pair of jeans. I politely told her that I don't want to buy more since I've been losing weight. She asked how and I told her that I had weight loss surgery. Her response was, "So you cheated then?" I was so mad but tried to compose myself. "I'd say what I did was anything but cheating. Do you have any idea of how hard this whole thing is? It's not some magic potion that does the work for you," I said sheepishly.

    Her next comment was that Randy Jackson from American Idol had it done and now he's gained all of his weight back. I let her know that he has not gained back all of his weight, only some.

    Why do people want to make others feel like crap? I guess it makes them feel less miserable about themselves.

    While I was in another store, I caught a glimpse of someone staring at me. It took me a second to realize that I was looking into a mirror! I didn't even recognize myself for a minute. That was a weird moment.


    buddha_girl said...

    That woman should have to spend an hour with me in a concrete room.

    Too often, people see weightloss surgery as 'the easy way out.' Some people truly need it in order to survive. In most cases, people how have the surgery have gone through copious tests and assessments to prove that surgery is the last resort for them.

    I know you went through it. I know I went through it.

    Until people deal with the changes your body goes through with being obese, having the surgery, and relearning how to eat and move - they should say nothing.

    I ate NOTHING but liquids for almost a year after I had mine because of severe reactions. I will never eat and drink certain things because my body can't tolerate them. BUT I do not regret having had the surgery and will never apologize to anyone who wants to criticize me.

    You are on the right road, and I'm proud of you!

    (I'm on a fucking rant now. I think I feel a post coming on. Sorry for highjacking your comments.)

    buddha_girl said...

    One more thing:

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!

    barman said...

    You know if the person only knew. I mean I do not know everything but it was a struggle just to get to the point where you were able to have the surgery. Once the surgery happened you need to eat properly or it will not work. I am sorry, if you choose to eat a part of a cheeseburger for lunch that just would not get you the nutrition you need. Losing weight this way is still hard work to do it properly. I just wish people would shut their mouth on things they do not know about. Oh and on cheating. So is drinking diet pop and diet meals and diet shakes cheating too?

    Say it with me ... "L" oser.

    Good for you on the new pair of outfit. You are doing so well.

    G-Man said...

    "Yeah BITCH I cheated. Just like you are cheating the IRS by only claiming 6 bucks an hour!"

    DAMN! Why can't we think of great shit to say at the time?


    AbleVaybel said...

    Grr. I have tried to post seventimes here under my blog account and I have had no luck.

    Sounds like you hit your idiot quota for the month. The next time someone you don't care about wants more infor than you feel like giving out, tell 'em you lost it through chemo. That is guaranteed to make them shut up.

    Easy way, indeed! They should only have to go through something that "easy".


    Thanks for the advice, Barman. The issue seems to be with Blogger/Google.

    Kristen said...

    Oh hell, I would have loved to take on that bitch........

    you're right though, they only bring others down because they are miserable themselves

    Kristen said...

    Oh hell, I would have loved to take on that bitch........

    you're right though, they only bring others down because they are miserable themselves

    Sal said...

    Oh sweetie. No matter who, what, when , where, how and why… some ass hole will always find something wrong, with anything. I could go on but I would much rather hug you! LOL

    So when you realized it was you in the mirror, did you think what a hottie? I know I would be thinking that if I were ogling you!

    Oh, was that the bra for your HNT/new avatar pic? Like I was going to let that slip by … CHA!

    Who’s your SoCal daddy! Woo Hoo

    MilkMaid said...

    People should be so very careful judging where their feet have never been before.


    Reading your last few posts makes me so excited and happy for you and for Mr Sign!!

    SignGurl said...

    Buddha Girl~ I really wanted to let her know about all the things you mentioned but I didn't feel she deserved an explanation from me. I'm sure she wouldn't have listened. I just can't imagine putting someone down about a surgical/life changing procedure. I love your rants!

    BG v.2~You go girl!

    Barman~Yes, it's not like I just decided one day that I was fat and had my innards rearranged. This is a last resort.

    G-man~ This chick was my size so I'm guessing she might be slightly jealous.

    *S*~ I'm going to remember that comeback. That will really stop them in their tracks.

    Kristen~ I'm guessing she's pretty miserable. I know I was before surgery.

    Sal~ I'll consider an HNT in the new bra. Don't hold me to it.

    Milkmaid~ Apparently this surgery that people feel they can sound off about without having a clue.

    Tatted said...

    I find your comment about looking in the mirror interesting... I would love to have WLS, when I look in the mirror, I see myself much smaller than I actually am. I have a friend who had WLS and she looks in the mirror now, after losing 150 lbs, and still see's herself much bigger than she started out.

    Congrats on the bargin, and phewy on the negative people!

    Tatted BF

    jillie said...

    WHAT A FUCKIN BITCH! I would have really let her have it but just like you...on the "sly" why do some people do that? Do they NOT realize it is major surgery and a life changing process? CHEATING? I would have asked her how she got the job...did she get it the (sl)easy way? On her back?

    You go girl xo

    BOOBS McGEE said...

    What a bitch! This shows her ignorance, Sign. She obviously has no idea what all is involved when you opt to do the gastric bypass. It's a hell of a lot of work!

    *S* said...

    The weird thing isn't that people are ignorant - most of the world hasn't heard the word "gastrectomy", let alone had one - it is the freedom, no, right they feel to share their ignorance with someone who has actually been there. I posted about that today on my blog as well.

    Ever noticed that it's usual ugly women who make those kind of remarks?

    I'm glad you said something at all to her, Signgurl. Most of the time, I'm just so stunned that someone could even think to say something that rude, I stand there gobsmacked.


    Big Pissy said...

    How RUDE!!!!

    You're doing SO great!

    Don't let the bitches get you down!

    G-Man said...

    I agree with Boobs, in fact I kinda like Boobs. I've seen Boobs.
    I would like to see Boobs again.
    and often!
    In fact I'm going to play with Boobs right now....Bye!

    Tony said...

    AArrrggggg........... Why do people you don't even know have to say anything at all? Beside, WTF is it any of their business what others do? AArrrggggg............ bitch!

    I'm happy for you that all your hard work is paying off.

    Dirk_Star said...

    Let it slide off you like water off of a duck's back...

    I know people who have lost weight and are miserable because they are still so concerned about what everyone else thinks. Don't become one of those people.

    Keep the sparkle that drew me here in the first place.

    The one that came from the inside...

    CuteBeachGirl said...

    Okay, go back to that store and bitch slap that girl....for me.

    terry said...

    some people are morons, plain and simple.

    you know how hard you've worked, and are working. all that matters is how YOU feel.


    G-Man said...


    Thanks for helping me crawl into the 21st century....
    You Rock My Socks!!!

    wmy said...

    Thoughtless, idiot people, and their thoughtless, idiot comments...they have no idea how one little statement can fuck up a person's whole day. She proved her ignorance by saying what she said. You do not have to justify yourself to anyone! Have a great day sweetie!

    Cazzie!!! said...

    Wow, I so cannot wait for that to be me :)
    I am not weighing myself, I am going by my dress size and stuff like that.
    I am eating healthy fresh foods and just eating a balanced diet each day.
    I have been riding my bike to get my little girl from her kindergarten, from tomorrow we ride too and from school each day too. So I plan on getting fit and healthy.
    Currently, my tops are a Size 16 to 18, and my bottoms are a 16 to 18 too. I know my boobs probably won't get any smaller as, well..they never have before :)
    Our Biggest Loser show begins Monday here in Australia, so I am looking forward to riding my exercise bike whilst I watch the show..and cheeer on all the people there who are going to do their best to lose weight. Oh. and of course...I will perve on Bob Harper, roarrrrr :)

    Suze said...

    Five sizes! Jenn you are doing great and I bet you feel fantastic!

    She sounds as if she was jealous you took the right attitude with her.

    Keep up the good work, we all know just how hard it has been for you and we are right behind you.

    t_cole said...

    PUH-lease let me beat her up. Lemme at 'er.
    OMG. I could soooooo strangle biatches like that.

    Like i always say - that is a reflection of HER character - NOT yours!

    you are my role model!