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    Friday, March 09, 2007

    I Have To Tell You!

    My weight has been fluctuating two pounds. Bouncing up and down like a yo yo.

    Today I stepped on the scale and it said I had lost 4 pounds since yesterday! I thought it was wrong so I stepped off and back on. The number stayed the same.

    I had decided not to post anything regarding my weight until I had reached 100 pounds lost but I had to tell you this news. I'm at 97 pounds lost in just under 5 months.

    I'm so close now, I can taste it!


    Manny said...

    YAY! I beat g.

    Good for you babe. I know how important this is. Way to go!

    I think I found 2 of your pounds. Sigh!

    Manny said...

    I'm number 1 !!!

    gab said...


    terry said...

    wow...! amazing.

    good work, signgurl.

    G-Man said...

    Manny Dammit!!
    You book for 3 days then defile my territory...
    Your lucky I love you ALMOST as much as the ever-shrinking SignGurl!!

    Hi Jenny! Sorry about being so slow. Congrats on your weight loss...G

    DZER said...

    conrats darlin'!! keep up the great work!!

    kimmyk said...

    Good for you! You'll be there by the end of the week if you keep it up!

    100? How amazing is that? That's like losing an 8th grader. Seriously. WTG you!

    My weight has been fluctuating 3 pounds up 3 down for the past 6 months. I haven't lost any...I'm stuck. I can't wait for spring to get here.

    wmy said...

    "Here she is...Miss Americaaaaaa"
    You are a rock star...thats what you are...lol
    Seriously, that is fantastic!!

    buddha_girl said...

    *clappng hands*

    Top cat said...

    Jenn Fantastic news. I'm so happy for you. You are the RAWKING Signgurl for sure.

    EBEZP said...

    If that's what you want then I'm very happy for you. Keep it up.

    Cazzie!!! said...

    Well done, I am on that vigil also. Daily workouts and smaller meals. I anticipate good things for you :)

    barman said...

    Oh I so forgot to come back here and comment. Congratulations on being just shy of 100 pounds. That is truly amazing especially in such a short period of time. Please do not get discouraged if it slows down. Losing more than a half pound a day on average is incredible but you can not keep that up forever.

    I am so proud your your wonderful progress Jenn.

    Anonymous said...

    Go, Jenn, Go!