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    Sunday, May 27, 2007

    I Could Never Have Done This

    Mr. Sign and I had a busy day yesterday. We decided that I would be staying in his bed so we took down the half deflated mattress. We then moved a dresser into the room off our room (it's like two rooms). We cleaned the blinds and the hardwood floors. The bed was moved to the other side of the room and the little room was turned into a dressing room.

    Here's a shot of the bed. The picture that goes above the bed fell and I have to fix the frame. After all of the moving, I decided I needed a nightstand. This is one I found for $15. It needs a table cloth but I couldn't find one. I'm going to have to make one.Here is the view from the dressing room. We have built in dresser drawers in 2 of our bedrooms. The man who built our house built it for himself so he used all extra space. Our house is a Cape Cod so the builder made the built in drawers and a closet that goes behind to use space that would have been wasted.

    Anywho, we went looking for a nightstand. The cheapest ones we found were $200. I'll be a monkeys uncle if I'm paying that much for a small piece of furniture. Hence the cheapo table.

    The amazing thing about the day was how much shopping we did. Here's a list of the places we went:

    • Big Lots (nothing here) (edited in later after Barman's comment)
    • Value City Furniture (cheap furniture, didn't buy anything)
    • Value City Store (bought 2 pairs of sandals and a swimsuit)
    • Home Depot (bought stainless steel grill cleaner)
    • Ate a burrito at Los Tres Amigos (Yummy!)
    • Target (bought a birthday gift)
    • Meijer (bought cheapo table and flowers for the flower beds)
    • Lowes (bought decorative grass)
    • Furniture Express (again, $200 for press board)
    I know this seems trivial to the professional shoppers, but to someone who hardly ever shops (I absolutely hate it) this was a big day. Before surgery, I wouldn't have made it past the second store. Let me tell you, I walked my fat ass off and it's never felt better.


    kimmyk said...

    So THAT'S where the *magic* happens, huh?

    It looks very nice!

    barman said...

    Speaking of magic, I figured that is how the picture fell down in the first place. :)

    Very nice looking. Love your room and that built in looks nice.

    I can see if Big Lots (that moved up by me) has something for the table. It seems they used to have table covering stuff, at least on occasion.

    SignGurl said...

    Kimmy~ Hehe! THAT is where the magic has been happening a lot lately.

    Barman~I edited this post because I forgot that Big Lots was the first place we went. We drove by your house on the way to Value City. I didn't see much movement so we didn't stop.

    terry said...

    your house is so cute!

    lime said...

    such a pretty house and i love your bedroom.

    hope the new arrangement works out well and yay! for that good feeling after walking yer ass off. :)

    The Savage said...

    ummmm you try at an antique store for the nightstand?.. it's usually cheaper than most places and the quality is superb.... aometimes the salvation army or something to that effect will have something....

    Big Pissy said...

    Your house is so pretty!

    The bedroom looks great! Love all the built-ins and arches, etc. :)

    G-Man said...

    Hahahaha...You should have TP'd Barman's house...Chicken..xoxox

    Cazzie!!! said...

    Good for you for walking!! I walk around the shopping centre here on a crappy weather day and just window shop. I go from one end and back to the other and make sure I park back far in the car park so as to walk further.
    Your place is so gorgeous and cosy. I am sure I would fall asleep in there on a cold day outside and never want to leave again!

    buddha_girl said...

    Love that little alcove! Houses with character are the damn best!

    Fridaysweb said...

    I miss Meijer's! We finally got an Aldi down here, but it's just not the same as the ones in MI. Seriously.

    Your little table - it's cute as it can be. If you want to keep the functionality of all the little nooks and crannies, cover it in contact paper. If you decide to use a tablecloth, go to someplace like Plej's or Anna's Linens (are there those up north? cheep linens stores with lots of really decent "irregular" items - they even have some furniture and tons and tons of pillows and cuties like candles and pictures). You could also hit Wal-Mart and grab one of there $6 twin flat sheets. I use those for scads for crafts around here.

    If you want a kick-ass "real" nightstand, at a reasonable price, check out yard sales, estate sales or auctions in the swankier neighborhoods. I find killer goods at yard sales in the Country Club district near me.

    Good for you for the shopping! Do your legs ache, today? Mine would have buckled!

    gab said...

    Big lots and you found nothing? I did I found a gabazo(well its more a tent screen) But its a whole lot studier than the ones Menards,Home Depot and Fleet Farms carried. and cheaper too. Now Mr Gab has to clean up a spot in abck yard so we can put it up. I can hardly wait.

    gab said...

    Oh I forgot. I love your bedroom and I go as cheap as possible too thats why my bedside table was from a guy across the street who tried to sell it in his garage sale but was asking $30.00 for and no one wanted so he put it out by the street and put a sign saying FREE and I nabbed it! cant get any cheaper than that!

    ~~R~~ said...

    Very beautiful indeed..As for the magic happening keep it up lol.I am like you I HATE shopping with a passion I am more of a go in get what I want and get out person lol..But I do love big lots they have great prices there..I am glad you walked your ass off and are feeling good

    Anonymous said...

    Ahh very cool! Looks niiice! Cute house!

    That is a lot of shopping... I'm more of the... go into the store, find what I want and buy it so the madness can end. I don't really care about prices (unless its insane, i don't have unlimited funds!)*L* I decided a long time ago my time was worth the extra $!

    Anonymous said...

    Cool pictures jenn, I think it's great you can sleep together again.:)
    I'm worn out just looking at all those stores.whew!

    Danyele said...

    AWESOME! GOOD FOR YOU GIRLFRIEND! Feels pretty amazing, huh? ((hugs))