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    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    Hateful Hormones

    I'm a total bitch lately. I find I have the urge to strangle someone, daily. I often stop and count to ten and laugh at how ridiculous my raving hormones are and then continue to flame on.

    I hate feeling like this. One minute feeling like a bull charging a bullfighter, then the next, bawling my eyes out. I actually cried yesterday in my car listening to Five For Fighting's 100 Years.

    The gall bladder surgery totally screwed with my cycle and THAT pisses me off (what doesn't). I have always been like clock work. Grrrrr..... I hate being a woman sometimes.

    ~rant~ Why do men always want to grab your chi chis when they are swollen and painful? Do they enjoy taking their lives in their own hands?

    Mr. Sign wants to have separate residences for at least one week a month. Can you blame him?


    Anonymous said...

    knock knock...is it safe to enter your blog? lol
    Hope you feel better sweetie.:)

    MilkMaid said...

    Oo the sore chi chi grab is THE WORST.

    All I can say is Hershey Kisses. :)

    Feel better soon...

    Anonymous said...

    lol i'm so glad i'm done with that! My hormones come from a bottle and thats ok with me!

    Although... I dont have a "bitch" excuse anymore... now i'm just me! ;)

    jillie said...

    I use to hate that SOOOOO freakin much. I had my inerds yanked from me 15 years ago. They took out the crib and left the playpen. It took them a YEAR to get my hormone medication right. My poor ex husband...the hell I put him through. I can't say I blamed him for leaving me at that point.

    MMMM...Hershey Kisses sound SOOO good right about now.

    lime said...

    oh i hear ya on the sore chichis.....so not fun.

    buddha_girl said...

    Let me put it this way - let him have a separate place for one week a month. Hell, let all men have their places for a week a month. It'll ease up the murder rate. How's that?

    I will make no excuses for hormonal stuff. Men can complain about our bitchiness all they want - it's not like THEY deal with the mood swings in first-person. They're merely the not-so-innocent bystanders.

    I'd recommend cabbage for your boobies, but you're not lactating...*snort*

    Crabby said...

    Oh hunny. Welcome to my world. Especially lately. Today Bob and Jake wouldn't even let me leave the house alone because Jake was afraid I'd take a swing at somebody. LOL!

    PS. come check out what barman sent me. I'm gonna kill him. Soon as I can catch him. LOL!

    cadbury_vw said...

    is it just that time, or is it a compound issue?

    i know when i was doing big weight loss i had way more erratic mood issues - things would make me blow way faster

    i think blood sugar as well as alterations to my hormonal system because of losing weight.

    fat is not an inert storage medium - it is an active organ that secretes massive amounts of hormones and various brain chemicals.


    also, it is that men grab your chi chis any extra when they are swollen, or just that you notice?

    if my guess/experience is correct men grab chi chis every opportunity they get

    SignGurl said...

    TC~ Come on in. I'm not mad at everyone. Just the a$$holes and you don't fit that category.

    Milky~ Mmmmmmm....chocolate....It's been almost 8 months since I've had sugar.

    Chrissie~ I'd give just about anything to be done with hormones. You lucky girl.

    Jillie~ I've begged my doctor to yank it all out. I'm done with it. *sigh* My doctor's a man. They just don't get it.

    Lime~ Mine feel like watermelons right about now.

    BG~ I hear ya on the murder rate. Mr. Sign woke me up last night at 12:30am to tell me that the sump pump wasn't working (we've been getting hammered wtih rain). WTF am I supposed to do about it in the middle of the freaking night? grrr..

    Crabby~ Maybe you and I should get together and wipe out the super powers of the world.

    Cadbury~ I honestly believe it's just that time, compounded by the end of the school year stuff. I haven't noticed any extra flux of hormones since weight loss surgery. I think it's pretty cool that you were brave enough to comment on this post. :)

    You are probably correct about the chi chi grabbing. MEN!

    The Savage said...

    Hows about just a light chi chi pat? No?.. Thought not....

    SignGurl said...

    Savage~ *smack* I thought you might enjoy that.

    I feel better now, :)

    Fridaysweb said...

    Cutie-Pie, in '03, I had my uterus yanked. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I think that doctor was a God. Last year, my oldest (14 at the time), was having such horrible monthlies, we finally decided to go to the doc and do the pill thing. But then some kind nurse came to their school and explained that they could go to the health dep't and get the depo shots for free. She explained that the benefits were basically the same, the risks similar, etc. The bonus, most women quit bleedin' while on the shot. When Big A asked if she could go the shot route vs. the pill, I gave her a resounding, "HELL YEAH!" She still gets moody once in awhile, but NOTHING like it used to be. She never has sore chi-chis or cramps. I wish someone had told US about Depo when WE were 15-20-something!

    barman said...

    I understand the hormone thing. Even though I am a guy I have definitely seen some not to pretty days myself. Nothing comparable of course but not fun. I promise not to grab you chi chis. Of course I never would have anyway so that did not get you very much.

    Oh I got to go. They have a strip club on TV now. :) Hope you day is going better.

    Manny said...

    Teach me how to count to 10 first. Please.

    Shit! I forgot what I was going to say. LOL

    SignGurl said...

    Friday~ Good to see you around!! I started taking Depo shots when they were first introduced. I thought they were the bomb until I started gaining weight. I gained lots. I was on it for 2 years and had no clue that they were affecting my personality until my mother and sister did an intervention to let me know that the hormones were making me a total bitch. Hope things go differently for her.

    Barman~ What? There's strippers on TV? Thanks for not grabbing my chi chi's. I would have to smack you for real.

    Manny~ Use your fingers, LMAO!

    kimmyk said...


    The rest of it? I sooo getcha. You are not alone.

    G-Man said...

    You got a new cycle?
    10 speed?