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    Monday, June 11, 2007

    Working For A Livin'

    I started working when I was 15 (with a work permit). I technically started working on my grandparents farm at the age of 5.

    My best friend's mother worked as the store manger of a women's clothing store and gave me the job.

    I enjoyed helping customers and keeping the store neat. I would straighten and size the clothes when I wasn't helping shoppers. (Stores are never tidy any more. You used to be able to go to a rack and know exactly where your size was.)

    Many different personalities passed my way and I was always happy to help them find what they were looking for. That was until "It" came in.

    I had been forewarned that there were a few crossdressers who frequented the store because it served the larger sized population. Being from a small white bread community and only 15 years old, I was very naive, as you can imagine.

    I saw a customer round the corner into our store and I approached and greeted her. It didn't take me long to realize that she was really a he.

    He stood over 6'5" tall and wore (I'm guessing here) size 15 pink pumps with white Capri pants and a pink button down blouse that was tied at the waist to expose a furry navel.

    I swallowed hard and continued to do my job as I noticed that his hands were very large with the hairiest knuckles I've ever seen. He was looking for a dress for an occasion. I was able to find something in behemoth size for him but he wanted to try it on.

    I wasn't sure what to do since with his height, he could easily see over the top of the dressing room walls. What would our customers think when they saw a 6'5" man peering over the walls wearing a pink taffeta dress?

    We waited until the dressing rooms were empty to allow him to try on his find. He was tall enough that I could see his chest as he tried on the dress although I didn't see much skin because he was wearing a pink bra.

    My country bumpkin butt was totally weirded out, but that man was the nicest customer I'd ever waited on. He frequented the store several times after that, always asking for me to wait on him.


    terry said...

    he was probably pleased and relieved that you treated him with respect and didn't make a big fuss over him.

    justacoolcat said...

    So did she buy the dress?

    As a guy who wears size 13's I can't imagine how difficult it would be for a large crossdresser to find shoes.

    G-Man said...

    You promised me that you would NEVER tell!!!!!

    barman said...

    Gee and I was going to ask for her number until you tossed in the cross dresser part. Oh well.

    Gordita said...

    Awwwww....what a sweet story!

    I already like him b/c he was so into pink!

    you behaved exactly the way you should have....you were obviously raised right. :)

    MilkMaid said...

    I know this person in this photo!!


    lime said...

    wow, i can just imagine as a young girl with a similar background how confounding that must have been. yes indeed, that you accorded him respect and dignity must have meant the world to him.

    jillie said...

    You treated him with the respect you would as any other customer. I remember my days of working in a clothing store...some pretty funny stories but nothing like that.

    I KNEW it was g-man!!!! LOL

    Anonymous said...

    at least they liked pink.lol