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    Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    Sweet 15

    Our oldest daughter turned 15 years old today. I perused her baby album and came up with a few pictures.

    Our first family photo.

    Her favorite place to snooze was on my mother's chest.

    My grandma and #1. The christening gown is one that I wore,
    (1st since I'm the oldest)
    as well as all 8 of the granddaughters & 2 great granddaughters.

    She always has a great disposition.

    #1 and Mr. Sign's dad (who has since passed away).
    You can see how much they enjoyed each other's company.

    Such a funny kid!

    #1 and me on her 1st birthday.

    #1 on the left, kissing a cousin on her 2nd birthday.

    #1 on top (where else would she be?), taken last week in
    Northern Michigan.

    Happy birthday, baby!!


    Danyele said...

    What a sweet post! She's one lucky young lady to have such a cool Mom!

    BTExpress said...

    Happy birthday #1!

    buddha_girl said...

    I'm with Danyele. #1 and #2 are so very blessed to have you and Mr. S as their parents. I love it when parents celebrate the feats as well as the struggles of their children.

    Happy Birthday #1!!!!!1

    The Savage said...

    Happy B-day signlette number 1

    kimmyk said...

    What a precious post.

    Amazing how they grow so fast. I love all the photos. Especially the one with her hair all sticking out like a crazy ass. Wonder where she gets that attitude? MMhhmm. Yeah.

    Happy Birthday #1~!!

    Big Pissy said...

    How sweet! I love the pictures...watching her grow up.

    Happy Birthday #1!!! :)

    jillie said...

    You are a lucky woman and have a lot to be proud of...

    Happy Birthday #1


    G-Man said...

    Happy Birthday #1,
    I can see you are gonna be every bit as beautiful as your Mom!!
    And your Daddy is a great guy also...
    Jenn with 2 beautiful daughters, and a Great hubby like ....Mr. Sign, you are truely blessed..
    I love you dearly..Galen xox

    terry said...

    you look like a baby yourself in those pics!

    happy birthday, #1!

    MONA said...

    Jenn! AWWW! this is the most wonderful sight! all those pictures! I just love the little girl & also the big girl that she is today! I always wished I had a daughter!!

    Yopu have a wonderful family & you look so cool! Your daughter is just beautiful!

    Many many happy returns of the day for her, and may she be blessed in her life to come!

    Anonymous said...

    Happy Birthay #1 special daughter.
    Love the pictures, she looks so cute.:)

    Tri Sisters said...

    Just, "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww"


    barman said...

    Happy birthday to #1. My she has grown into a fine young woman. I just have to add something here. You have always looked real young to me and I mean that in a nice way. But wow do you even look young in those pictures. Very nice.

    lime said...

    what a great collection of photos. i LOVE the one with her pigtails standing up!

    happy belated birthday to the #1 signlet! :)

    snowelf said...

    Happy b-day to your beautiful daughter!! And what a great first family photo! You guys look fabulous!!

    (I look like I got punched in the face in mine! LOL!! But my ex and my daughter look great at least.)


    Flash said...

    That ponytail devil horn picture had me laughing so hard!!!

    She's becoming quite the beauty! Be careful with her.

    Crabby said...

    Phew. I had a heck of time getting through on the comments.
    These are the sweetest pictures, Sign!
    You don't age at all, do you? LOL! You look the same only with shorter hair. Lucky girl!
    And your daughter is sooooo cute!

    Crabby said...

    PS. A big, fun filled, Happy Birthday to Danyele.

    gab said...


    Anonymous said...

    on her first birthday, you look like total jailbait, what were you like 13?

    Anonymous said...

    Aww cuuute pics! Happy Lat B-Day!!

    Jason said...

    aww such an adorable post