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    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Last Minute Musings

    I'm all packed and mostly ready to go to Vegas. Somehow I ended up with the tiny suitcase and Mr. Sign got the large one. This only drives my point home that he is high maintenance.

    I've always been an excellent packer. When I was in high school, I made a trip to Europe. One of the chaperons told us to lay all of our clothes out on the bed before packing them. She said to then only take half of what you think you need. That has always worked for me. That was a priceless little gem that has helped me many times.

    My feet have been giving me grief. It seems that I'm walking so much more than I ever did (5-7 miles a day), that the skin is wearing off my feet. I walk on the balls of my feet and they are peeling and painful. I bought some shoe inserts to help relieve the pressure. I just hope my feet hold out for this trip.

    I'm also hoping to lose weight while I'm gone. I need to lose one more pound to have lost a total of 150 pounds. That is almost unfathomable. I've lost 39% of my body weight and am 73% to my goal. I have 55 pounds more to go. I've lost an average of 3.4 pounds a week since October. Of course this has slowed down greatly in the last couple of months. It's all good!

    Speaking of weight loss, I've put up a poll over in the side bar about whether or not you want to hear about my weight loss. Let me know what you really think.

    Well, I'll be back with hopefully many great pictures and stories. But remember, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

    Here's a picture my daughter took of me with her cell phone so you don't forget what I look like, LMAO!


    Anonymous said...

    hey beautiful..got room in a suitcase for a cat??:)
    have fun.

    Crabby said...

    Now just hold on a minute, missy! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, unless.......you are a blogger. Then you have to spill it. Don't look at me. I didn't make it up. It's blogger rules.

    That's awful about your feet. You need to figure out a way heal those puppies. I'm not even going to tell you to be sure you have walking shoes cause I know you're smart enough to have already done that. Which leaves me with no advice. Imagine!

    To lose over 3 pounds a week is mind boggling to me. And you know part of the reason your numbers are slowing down has to be because your gaining muscle mass. those walks really build up your leg muscles.

    snowelf said...


    Ouch, you're feet sound like they hurt so much!! Be sure to doctor them up with Neosporin or something similar every night so that you don't get them infected. Huge hugs to you!!

    Have an awesome time on your trip!! Enjoy!! With all the walking you've been doing, you'll be prepped for sure!! :)

    And me, personally, I love hearing about your weight loss.

    We'll miss you!


    lime said...

    you look mahvelous!!! way to go, girl. have a great time in vegas too.

    'Just Me' said...

    If you are anything like me, you don't wear the best support shoes. I live in flip flops and sandals. If I walk to much in them; my feet are horrible.

    Maybe get a cute little pair of walking shoes (keds type?) for the trip?

    You look GREAT! Have fun.

    Sicilian said...

    Gurl. . . baby your feet. . . . soak em. . . buy some scrubs. . . put socks on at night with either vasoline or a thick lotion.
    Have fun in Vegas. . .

    barman said...

    If you do not have a pair of walking shoes obviously get a pair. If you do then maybe you can get some jelly inserts ro something that will help to some extent. Good luck on that because exercise is so important.

    Boy you look better and better every day. And only a hop skip and a jump from 150. You realize that is probably as much or more than most women should weigh (just a guess when you consider all those women at 105-120). You lost a whole person.

    Please do not stop writing about your weight loss effort. I love to hear about it. I love to see the results are I am sure you are an inspiration to many a person. I love to hear anything you write about (especially casino trips and...) but it just would not be the same without you stories about losing weight. Please, please, please do not stop.

    Have a blast in Vegas and take care of those tootsies.

    Dirk_Star said...

    Have a great trip.

    My wife is wanting us to go so bad...

    Manny said...

    Have fun and be safe!


    Donna said...

    Have fun! I can't wait to go in November, I've never been!

    Woamn, you look HOT! :)

    MilkMaid said...

    You look so pretty in pink!

    Rodriguez Family said...

    Hey signgurl,

    First time on you blog. Really enjoyed it. Congrats on the weight loss! I understand your frustration with weight. Enjoy your trip!

    jillie said...

    Dang...I should have met you guys in VEGAS! I'm right next door. Well, almost...5 hour drive and I AM THERE BABY!!!!!

    Next time. I don't think Vegas is ready for the two of us just yet...lol!!

    Hope you have a fantabulous time and win LOTS OF MOOLA

    ell said...

    vegas...one of my favorite places! have a super time and we all want details! if you only can see one show, go see danny gans at the mirage. he is SO worth it.

    Flash said...


    have fun in Vegas!!!1

    terry said...

    so pretty in pink!

    hope you're having a grand time.

    evalinn said...

    Have a fabulous time in Vegas, Signgurl! I´ve had problems with my feet the last 2,5 years and it really sucks when u can´t walk like u want, hope it goes well.

    And u are doing so great with your weightloss, what a great thing to do for yourself!

    MONA said...

    Signgurl.. we miss you!

    Hope you are having a great time!! :)

    jillie said...

    WELL????? I want to hear ALL ABOUT YOUR TRIP!!!!!!!!


    DZER said...

    keep on truckin', darlin!

    and win big in Vegas!

    Suze said...

    Both of you have a great time and looking like that I'm sure you will. ;)

    G-Man said...

    You been back for 2 days!!
    Get with the program!!!