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    Friday, August 10, 2007

    A Pictorial

    I have been MIA for the past couple of days. I've been working my a$$ off (literally). As a result of working in the heat and humidity, I got a rip roaring migraine and nearly took myself to the emergency room last night. I haven't had an episode since before I had weight loss surgery in October of 2006. It knocked me flat on my butt. The drugs I was given did nothing to ease the pain in my head. I thought I was going to die, but lucky for me, I'm here to tell about it.


    Here are some of the very few pictures I took. I was having so much fun that I only took about 10 pictures.

    Here we have one of the 3 traffic jams we were in at a dead stop.
    I wish I had taken a picture of the cute guys on motorcycles that rode next to us for 45 minutes.

    The sunset was interesting. You can see the humidity hanging in the air.
    It was 96 degrees the entire trip. (It's blurry because we were flying.)

    Two goofy chicks. I'm on the left with my double chin. Stacy is on the right. We have been friends since Kindergarten. At one point we stopped to use the bathroom and we burst into complete fits of laughter after looking at each other's windblown hair. We decided that we had 70's hair. Driving 95 mph will do that to you.

    My capable chauffeur

    We were in the car for 6 hours. The trip should have taken 4 hours. I hate road construction.


    Flash said...



    G-Man said...

    Two Hot Chicks in a red Vette?
    ...Two Red Hot Chicks in a Hot Red Vette!!
    ...Two Red Hot Blonde Chicks in a Red Hot Red vette!!
    Jenn....Your so cute when your "On the Loose"!

    kimmyk said...

    you both look pretty in your little red corvette.

    i hate construction!!!! especially in the heat!!!

    J Morgetron said...

    Mmm. Migraines. Sucky. My daughter gets them. She has to be in darkness and absolute quiet.

    Awesome pics. It looks like you guys had fun. Convertibles make me feel so freeee! Even when there's bugs in my teeth.

    MONA said...

    wow! that is a traffic jam? wait till you see one in India!!!

    I'm glad to see you having so much fun!

    Big Pissy said...

    That car is so YOU!

    Looks like y'all had fun! :)

    lime said...

    oh man, i truly feel your pain re: the migraine......gads i am glad you lived to tell the tale too....and to show those fun pics. LOVE the last one.

    snowelf said...

    You ladies are so hot!!! You go Jenn!


    Lady Roxanne said...

    that top picture looks like my car....

    where was that???

    I was all over the place during that time for my family reunion...