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    Friday, September 21, 2007

    Flash 55, Take 11

    Her beauty was breath taking and many men
    and women had fallen in love with her.
    They wanted to put their hands on every part of her.

    With a slight rocking motion she began to
    purr like a kitten.

    Her movement seemed effortless as she pulled out.

    It was true love aboard the Michigan Princess.

    Details in the near future....


    G-Man said...

    Yeah baby!!!!
    Nailed you at last!!!

    G-Man said...

    Oh ...the post!
    What a "Grand" 55 SignGurl...(As in The River)
    I'm so glad to see that you are participating in all the fun days...
    Of course I love you!!

    MONA said...

    ha! a cruise!

    How exciting! I love sightseeing while cruising and also a cruise party rocks!

    Have fun Jenn, you rock!

    barman said...

    Oh man, I have never been on the Michigan Princess before but I have been on a river boat (a little larger) and it was nice. But I understand it can be fun on the Princess. Very clever 55 Sign ... and there is that couple again. Loving it.

    Snow White said...

    Great 55, Jenn! Love the pictures. Y'all look great. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Mike M said...

    Great 55!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Very nice 55, love the michigan theme. You two look great.:)

    cadbury_vw said...

    Oh My God you are hot!

    (for some reason that seems to be all I'm saying to you lately... must be true, then)

    Flash said...

    Gambling??? can't wait to hear about it.

    Great 55 tie in too!

    Strumpet said...

    Oh My God!

    It's like an Episode of the Love Boat!!

    Only better cos we got Sign-babe instead of Gopher.

    He's like a politician now or something.

    gab said...

    ooooohh looks like fun! love the flash 55

    BTExpress said...

    Loved your 55 you naughty gurl. Your right, I did turn you into a perv. LOL

    Since your in that mind set, check out my post today. :-)

    Big Pissy said...

    Jenn: You've always been so pretty, but you're absolutely beautiful now...I think it's because you always look so happy these days! :)

    p.s. Great 55!

    lime said...

    she is lovely. looking forward tomore.

    snowelf said...

    Whoo hoo!! Can't wait to hear the rest!!

    You guys look gorgeous!!