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    Monday, September 24, 2007


    A strange phenomenon happened this weekend. The family and I attended a local festival. There were many people there that I hadn't seen in a while. It took me a bit to figure out why on Earth people I knew were walking right by me without speaking, even if I spoke first.

    I was starting to get a complex especially since one of the people who didn't even smile at me was my step mother! She said, "I looked at you when you said, "Hi," but didn't know who you were. Then I looked at Mr. Sign and still didn't know who you were for a minute!" She was so embarrassed.

    Later, I saw a really good friend of my dad's and spoke to her. She nodded her head with a blank stare and turned around and walked away. I saw her a few hours later, after my step mom told her who I was. She gushed that she couldn't figure out who I was and was so glad Step Mom had told her.

    It was just strange to walk by people and not have them know who the heck I was. It made me a little sad. I am the same person inside, aren't I? Maybe not since I've become so much less inhibited by my physical appearance.


    snowelf said...

    I think the Jenn you are now is the same person who was in there all along, she just didn't get out as much. :) I suspect that people aren't recognizing you because like you said you were so shy and mostly a wallflower and now not only your appearance has changed, but your projection of yourself to others has changed, too.

    They're just gonna have to get used to it. :)


    Big Pissy said...

    Maybe you should wear a t-shirt with your name on it....something like:

    "New, improved Jenn!" :)

    cadbury_vw said...

    i'm with Pissy on this one - some kind of identifier when you go places where people should know you

    i was thinking name tag - if anyone raises an eyebrow, you can just tell your various stories of non-recognition

    as for changing a lot - yeah, you have - you are a different person.

    you are not the same.

    the old Jenn doesn't look much like the one we see now. i am sorry if that causes any discomfort, but it's true. the riverboat pictures are astounding. you don't look anything like you did before. because i am such a face and smile hound - i might recognise you if i hadn't seen you in a year - but other people... not so much.

    no - you are not the same person inside either. your writing shows it, and the activities you participate in shows that you are not the same person

    and the old Jenn isn't as confident as the new Jenn.

    you are the Jenn who had the confidence to take the risk, to stay the course, to take care of herself, and to make the change

    revel in the change - revel in your confidence

    the old Jenn was pretty, and the new Jenn is spectacularly beautiful.

    Anonymous said...

    that must feel very strange but in a good way.:)

    lime said...

    i had hair to the middle of my back for 20 years when i cut it chin length peopel walked past me because they didn't know who i was at first. you've had a much more drastic difference occur in your appearance. you're still the same wonderful jenn on the inside yes. people just need to get used to the change in your appearance and yes, maybe your new confidence...but that confidence is a good thing.

    ell said...

    i think you and your husband both should be so proud that you've made such a positive change in yourselves. something that so many people only wish they could do. congrats and keep up the good work.

    but we've known all along you've always been beautiful - outside and in!


    gab said...

    I like big pissy's idea....The new and improved jenn and still going! lol

    Lady Roxanne said...

    Your loving this arent you..

    Lucky girl

    kimmyk said...

    It is sad that people dont recognize you. You are still the same person....I like BIG PISSY's idea of the tshirt. LOL!

    *S* said...

    It happens to me all the time. Sometimes, even DH can't find me, because he's looking for a different sized person. I think it's form over content all the way. Sometimes it works to your advantage as people you don't want to recognize you, don't.

    buddha_girl said...

    You may have become less inhabited by your physical self, but I would bet mucho money that others have not.

    Welcome to the world of people watching Jenn EXTRA closely now.

    I have long since grown tired of people telling me how "great" I LOOK because I want them to understand it wasn't about looks; it was about life.

    barman said...

    You are the same person inside and you are not. People just do not do well with physical change. Not that they hate it or anything. I say you are different inside because you are a little more willing to be noticed then before. You are able to do more. And a bunch more but you are still the same super person inside and you always will be. You are not stuck up. You are not conceited. You do not look down on people. You are still the same super Sign Gurl you always have been only less (weight wise).

    evalinn said...

    U are still the same! But the same kinda happened to me when I started making my hair curly...

    jillie said...

    We know you're still the same beautiful person on the inside...but it's the outside that has made the dramatic change. Just looking at the pictures I can see how much you've changed.

    LOL@big pissy!!

    Or else you could have a t-shirt that say's "YES! It's me...JENN!!! lol

    DIXIECHICK said...

    Don't let it make you sad...look at it has a good thing. You went on this weight loss journey to improve how you feel, how you look...you have done an amazing job. You said last year, on the cruise, that you kind of kept to yourself, sat at your table, did not walk around much...now, you feel better, or more confident....take the fact that people don't recognize you as a compliment. You have done well...be proud! If you see someone looking at you, like they are unsure of who you are, or you know them, but they don't appear to know you...use that confidence you have acquired, approach them...Rock on!

    Crabby said...

    Pissy has a great idea! Jen, you should soooo do that!

    terry said...

    you're the same, only different.

    and it's natural to be irritated by the notion that people see and treat you differently now... because there was no reason for them not to treat you well before.

    but none of this should stop you from enjoying your amazing accomplishments. you did this for yourself and your family; fuck everyone else!

    J Morgetron said...

    I have this same problem all the time. I change my hair color/length and make-up so frequently that people that know me quite well have no idea who I am. I get very frustrated. But, I understand.