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    Monday, October 22, 2007

    A River Runs Through It, Take 2

    ~edit~ I learned how to make movies!! Here is my first:

    (Oops, I deleted the pics by accident. Most of them are in the video.)
    My entire family went to the great North in Michigan (see last year's post) this past weekend. Mr. Sign, both girls, Mom, Ted (my step dad) and my grandma. Grandpa got sick at the last minute and didn't come.

    It was an excellent weekend even though there were few fish. I forgot to take a picture of the outhouses. They were the pits, pun intended. Just imagine a tiny house with a hole inside. Now imagine that many disgusting men have used it. I mean, this thing looked like someone exploded inside. I did everything I could to find other amenities. I'm still nauseous thinking about it.

    The family slept in my parents travel trailer. Mr. Sign and I slept in the back of our van. It was rather cozy.

    (All pictures can be enlarged)

    Here we are almost tucked in:

    This is how Mr. Sign likes to sleep, just like at home, all over the entire bed:

    This is the view out of the back of the van:

    This is #2 on Suicide Bend. We hiked (yeah, I hiked. Can you believe it?)
    up to catch the view. It was breathtaking:

    #2 and me. I can't believe how different our coloring is:

    #2 rigging up her rod:

    This is me near the dam:

    Daughter #1:

    Daughter #1 is the only one who caught a fish.
    Here she is with her fish on a leash (I know it's a stringer,
    it just sounds more fun as a leash):

    Here is a rather unflattering picture of my backside. I have split many logs,
    but this one almost killed me. I chopped at it for over an hour and now I can barely lift my arms:

    This was our morning fire. It had to be kept small since the wind was blowing 50 MPH and the leaves were blowing. I didn't want to catch the woods on fire.
    Mom, #2, Grandma and Ted:

    The colors were gorgeous:


    kimmyk said...

    Looks like a great time to me.

    Beautiful trees. I'm glad you guys had a good time.

    Yuck @ the outhouses.

    lime said...

    wow, looks like a great time. yay for hiking! and yes i can bleive the difference in coloring...do youremember the picture i showed youof my #1?? lol

    Anonymous said...

    the outhouses sound heinous as hell, girl.

    these pics are awesome.

    my whole family is from michigan. aunts and uncles live in Flint and my parents were raised near detroit in a town called Hamtramack or some shit like that. i love michigan though. spent many a summer there.

    glad y'all had a great time!!

    SignGurl said...

    Kimmy~ I need to take picture lessons from you.

    Lime~ I do remember! It's strange that something so different can morph from our bodies.

    Katie~ Michigan is where all the cool people are from, LMAO! The name Hamtramack always makes me hungry.

    gab said...

    looks like you had lots of fun. Yeah guys tend to take up all the bed reguardless if at home in a hotel a camper or back of a van. lol
    We had an out house like that too thank god the wind finally blew it away.

    terry said...

    gorgeous pics!

    (and my mother and i have vastly different coloring, too. and features. when we're together, no one can tell we're related. we often get, "how do you two know each other??")

    Lady Roxanne said...

    Isent it crazy how fast the colors are changing?

    Looks like you had fun..

    Bitch.. I am sooo jealous

    evalinn said...

    Really beautiful! U do such a lot of nice things. And u look great!

    MONA said...

    Hike! what a wonderful idea!

    Fishing must be fun...

    You have an awesome family! :)

    Yippeeskip said...

    My dad was from the UP and we spent many summers there. Thanks for the memory and the beautiful pics (especially your great ass)

    Manny said...

    You and hubby look so good together and you hav beautiful girls. (Daughters not boobs, although I bet your boobs are beautiful too. LOL)

    It look's like you all had an excellent time.

    Confession here; a while back, you posted pictures of the lake in winter. The waves were all frozen and it all looked so serene. My confession? I saved those pictures. I just had too. I'm not a stalker and if you want me to delete them I will.

    Now get back on the IM.

    G-Man said...

    God I love Michigan in the Fall!..
    Awesome pics Jenn..
    Hooray for #1!!!

    Crabby said...

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YOU DID A GREAT JOB!!! But I knew you would be good at the movies. You're creative. You'll start cookin up all kinds of cool stuff now. It's sooo much fun!

    What a gorgeous place! And you're right...you're daughter has totally different coloring. My gosh she's turning into such a young lady, isn't she? Poor Mr. Sign. Pretty soon he'll be screening the boys just like Bob had to do with Amy. He used to give hers a test. LOL!

    snowelf said...

    It DOES sound way more fun on a leash!! I was cracking up at the pic of Mr. Sign hogging the bed! hehe!



    buddha_girl said...

    Oooooh I love good times in the outdoors like that.

    Everything except the nasty farking outhouses. Ack. I threw up a little in my mouth when I read your description.

    BTExpress said...

    Love the pics. Looks like fun. You and Mr Sign look amazing! Way to go guys!

    cadbury_vw said...


    glad someone caught a fish

    i remember one fishing trip it sucked so bad after 4 days that we went to one of those pay fish pond places to give the kids at least one thrill of catching a fish

    great pics - looks like a fun trip