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    Monday, November 19, 2007

    20th Class Reunion

    I'll admit I had a few butterflies in my stomach in the elevator ride up to my class reunion. My friend and I both said we felt like we were in middle school going to our first dance wondering if anyone would talk to us.

    My date for the evening:

    I was disappointed in the fact that not many people showed up. There were only 24 of us I think, out of a class of 136. Three people flew in from Florida, Oklahoma and Las Vegas. I would have been super disappointed had I had to fly and no one showed up.

    It was strange talking to people that I used to hang with on a daily basis all those years ago. It was also weird to not be known for my extreme weight loss. Only one person there knew that I had been super fat. He hadn't seen me in several months (we do business).

    No one had really changed that much except for the guy who flew in from Las Vegas. He used to be a big dork, but the nicest guy in school. Now he's all hip and hot, but still nice. As I talked to him, I found out that he works for a sign company in Vegas. He works on the casinos putting 10 foot tall lettering on the sides of buildings, 50 stories up. Makes my job look easy. I found out that he had a huge crush on my friend who didn't make the reunion. He said she was his one regret in life. I always wondered why he hung around with us so much in high school.

    I have to admit to having a crush on all 3 of these guys
    at one time or another in my school career:

    I did some ass shaking to an awesome band:

    Someone decided to do a group picture and somehow we
    all got hooked up. Check out all our legs entwined.

    Here is the whole gang:

    Lucky for me, I was able to talk my friend who graduated a year after us to come and crash the party. She took most of these pictures.

    The night only got better when we left the restaurant and went to a local sleazy bar. There was a mechanical bull. You know I had to ride that thing and I was the first in my group to do it! I couldn't get my ass up on the bull to save my life. It was a long haul after getting tanked on only 4 drinks (for the entire night). The bull operator took pity on me and hiked my keester up. (I wasn't the only one with this issue, thankfully.) His only instructions were, when the head goes down, lean backwards. I think I've heard that somewhere before. It's much harder than it looks.

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    Mr.Sign showed up a little later and got a kick out of grabbing me and pretending like I had just picked him up. The guys were all overprotective and asking me about him. Hehe! I finally had to tell them that I've been married to him for almost 18 years.

    More ass shaking ensued.

    Last call came too quick and some of us decided to have breakfast. I've found that since weight loss surgery, Denny's food tastes like crap. Ugh! Not to mention that it took over an hour to get our food.

    We didn't get home until after 4 am. I didn't get to sleep until 5 am. I think I need a nap.

    ***I realize that you have all seen this sweater before. I am limited in my clothing and I'm not buying any more than I have to until I stop losing weight. So, give a gurl a break***


    jillie said...

    Whoooooaaa! I'm first!

    jillie said...

    Ok..now to comment. Looks like you had a blast and that's what it's all about sista!

    I think if you and I were in the same class, same high school, we could have done some SERIOUS damage!

    Big Pissy said...

    Looks like y'all had a blast!

    ....and you look so freakin' YOUNG!!!


    You are SO beautiful, Jenn....seriously....flawless skin, those blue eyes...gorgeous! :)

    buddha_girl said...

    I love a good ass-shaking!

    lime said...

    it dfefinitely looks like you had a great time even though the group was small. perhaps a great time BECAUSE of the size of the group. so funny and sweet that the guys were looking to protect you when mr. sign tried to 'pick you p.'

    G-Man said...

    And I bet Mr.Sign did a little 'Riding' last night also..hehehe..
    Great pics Jenn, we had 684 kids in our graduating class.
    I'm glad you had a great time!..xoxoxox

    airplanejayne said...

    looks like you had fun -- and you looked great -- 'specially riding dat bull.
    What a woman!

    Manny said...

    You ass shaker you.

    I am happy you had fun. I use to ride them bulls. Not anymore. LOL

    Mr. Sign sounds like a hoot.

    SignGurl said...

    Jillie~ I'm not sure my school could have handled the two of us.

    Pissy~ Bless you for saying that! All I can say is I have good make up.

    Buddha Girl~ I know you do!

    Lime~ Our class always seemed to have fun no matter who was there. The guys were sweet to still watch over me.

    G-Man~ You keeping track of my riding record? Your class was huge!

    Jayne~ Dat bull was a blast!!

    Manny~ I coming down there and dragging your butt out on a bull. Get your hat ready!

    Anonymous said...

    Love the bull shot!! awesome, girl! great pictures. it looked like it was fun. and i love your shirt-it looks great on you! so i say wear it all the freaking time! :)

    barman said...

    ride 'em cowgirl... yeehaa!!!!

    Funny my last reunion I went to, the reunion itself was OK but it was the events afterwards that was the most fun so I so hear you. Oh and I think our class was about 178ish.

    You rode a bull. AMAZING! You looked good up there on the bull.

    Glad both your dates did not turn out to be duds.

    wisdomstuff said...

    Looks like you had an awesome time even though it was an intimate group. You look wonderful!!!

    Yippeeskip said...

    I wish I was the bull. LOL, Did the hot guys plan blue oxford shirt night?

    evalinn said...

    Seems like u had a great evening after all! :-D

    On December the 1st I celebrate the first anniversary of my blog. I´m throwing a party at the blog and I really hope u can make it some time during the day? That would be great. U´d be the PartyGirl! :-)

    ell said...

    looks like it was fun--too bad not more people showed up. oh well, their loss!

    SoCal Sal said...

    I am glad to hear you had fun. Way cool. Shake that ass baby!

    Anonymous said...

    I've never been to any reunions but it looks like you had a great time and I bet it was fun showing off the new you.:)

    SignGurl said...

    Katie~ You love the bull SHOT? Hehe, change that o to an I. I'm such a moron. Thanks, I love my shirt too and since I'm blowing through them every two weeks, I can't afford to buy too many

    Barman~ Everyone seems less intimidated at the after party. Much more fun.

    Wisdomstuff~ It was awesome. I'm so glad I went.

    Yippeeskip~ That was a wild ride ;) I'm not sure about the oxford guys. That's what they wore in high school. Maybe they didn't want to change their images?

    Evalinn~ Sounds like a good time. I'll try to check it out.

    Ell~ That's exactly what I thought. They lost out.

    Sal~ You know I'm into that ass shakin'!

    SignGurl said...

    TC~ It was fun just being me and not worrying about what I look like. I had so much fun.

    gab said...

    WOW...It looks like you had a great time. I would never in a million years get on the machicanial bull! Nope not even if my back was a-ok.

    Mona said...

    you had a good choice in men!