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    Monday, November 12, 2007

    Good Times

    First of all, I have to tell you how stupid I am for forgetting my camera this past weekend. Maybe it was a higher power working in mysterious ways (no evidence, hehe). I did take some pictures with my friend's camera (which was crappy) but I can't get them off the disk, grrr.

    I'm not really sure what I can write here that won't get me in too much trouble. Maybe I'll just do some bullet points because I'm still not feeling tops right now.

    • Number of bars we got in without having to pay cover - 4
    • Amount of calories consumed beyond my normal daily intake - 1200 (eek!)
    • $400 - amount of money spent by 3 women on one evening
    • $60 - round trip cab fare...piece of mind - priceless
    • 12 + 4 - number of drinks and shots consumed by me (I think)
    • 3 - number of men in their 20's who tried to take all three of us home together
    • 4 - drinks bought for me by 4 different men
    • Times my hand was licked - once
    • Times other "parts" were licked - twice
    • 4 - number of men I danced with
    • 4 - times I had to "lose" someone
    • Number of men who told me they were porn stars - 1
    • Number of times the hot dog vendor rubbed my back - can't remember
    • 3 - times I was asked if I was married
    • 2 - asked for my phone number
    • 1 - man told me he had stage 4 brain cancer
    • Number of bartenders I saw from the night before - 1
    • 2 - men told me I looked too innocent to take advantage of
    • 2 - times B passed out on the way home
    • 3:30 - time we made it home
    • Days it's taken me to recover - I'll let you know when it happens
    I've spent so many years blending in because of my weight when I'm in a crowd that it's taking me a while to figure out how to break out and have fun. I think I got it figured out this weekend. I sat at the bar and behaved and amazingly, the fun came to me. It was strange not worrying about what people thought about me. This is something new for me.

    I realized that everything is different about me now, from the way I walk to my reactions in different situations. People react differently to me therefore I act differently. I look in the mirror and have to remind myself of who is looking back at me.


    Manny said...

    So many bullets and only one Sign. hehe I'm tired just reading them. LOL




    Anonymous said...

    Haha! You go, sign gurl! That's my kinda fun right there. Glad y'all had a good time! Hope you recover soon. ;)

    Big Pissy said...

    Jenn....I know I say it all the time...but I'm so happy for you!

    You've come such a long way, baby! :)

    Jon said...

    Sounds like a great (and painful) time

    G-Man said...

    I'm glad you run with a rich crowd, cause you are NOT a cheap date!!
    Holy Shit!!!
    I'll buy you a Fresca and be done with it!!

    gab said...

    WTG gurl! Glad you had some fun.
    (body parts licked? now my mind is working overtime trying to guess what and where)

    jillie said...

    YOU FORGOT YOUR CAMERA???? Oh that is just not right. Sounds like it was a GREAT time by all. I sure would of loved to have been a fly on the wall for that night ;o)

    You go Jenn!


    *S* said...

    Bless your heart, darling! As long as you have fun and keep both feet on the ground, more power to you. It must be a big relief not to worry what other's think - it's a huge waste of time, isn't it? "Viel
    Gesrchrei und wenig Wolle,"


    Manny said...

    I'm kicking and screaming. LOL

    Yippeeskip said...

    You totally ROCK!!! I'm jealous of the person who got to lick you...

    lime said...

    it sounds like one heck of a weekend girlie!

    i wanna know what 'other parts' got licked. hehehe

    barman said...

    You know I think the biggest thing is YOU HAVE CHANGED. I mean you are still the same old (young) Sign. But all you have went through has brought you a confidence that can not be hidden. People can pick up on that.

    I once was sitting there felling all sorry for myself being kind of left out of things, blaming at least some of it on I am heavy and no one wants to have anything to do with me. Well guess what? I saw a man in there who was dressed like a million bucks and being the life of the party and he was not letting his weight slow him down. He exuded confudence just like you are now.

    Sounds like you had way to much fun for a weekend. Glad you are back, in recovery and that you had so much fun. You go girl.

    Lady Roxanne said...

    Your own reflection can lead to serious reconstructing of your mental thought process.

    Love ya..

    p.s. you've been tagged..

    wisdomstuff said...

    It sounds like you had an AWESOME time. I want to hear more about the "other" parts that were licked :-)

    Didn't you know "older" women are all the rage now, I still find it amusing how many 20 yr olds hit on me. Well, amused and flattered although if you really put things in perspective, having men hit on you really isn't that flattering.

    Brain cancer, huh? I also had a guy hit on me previously who supposedly had cancer. He was a freakin' liar. Imagine that!

    Oh, and you look AWESOME!!!!

    ell said...

    glad you had a blast!

    Queenie said...

    You can never forget your a beautful person, and I find you quite remarkable that you remember anything about the evening!!!!

    Charles said...

    Hope you've recovered by now, if not I hope you at least recover by your next outing.