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    Friday, November 09, 2007

    Flash 55, Take 15

    She waited alone in the tiny room.

    The doctor gave her the news
    she didn't want to hear.

    She cried hysterically as she drove home. She
    could only think about how these words would
    change her life.

    Things would never be the same.

    How would she tell her husband?

    He screamed, "I've had a vasectomy!

    If you are interested in attempting to write a 55, you can visit here. If you do one, go tell Susie that you did.

    I was inspired to write this 55 as I sat in the Gynecologist's office today listening to all the stories. No people, I'm not preggers, thank the Lord, Praise Allah, rub Buddha's belly! Although, I did tell #1 that she was going to have a baby brother just to freak her out when she asked why I was going. She was all, "Cool! I've always wanted a brother!" Yeah, right, Kid!

    I'm going away to spend the weekend with my two best friends for a girls' weekend out. We are going to hit the bars and raise some hell. Look out if you are on the West Coast of Michigan.

    Have a great weekend!


    Mike M said...

    Interesting 55! I like the twist!

    Real Live Lesbian said...

    Great 55! Have fun on the girl's weekend!

    MONA said...

    I am a little confused here.. did the doctor tell her she was pregnant?

    Charles said...

    Why that cheating... haha. Good one, Sign.

    Rebicmel said...

    eek sure makes one think about staying on ones own side of the fence lol...

    Have a great weekend kiddo.

    Big Pissy said...

    Your 55s are always so good! :)

    Have a great weekend! :)

    lime said...

    i've found that in a doctor's office you can learn all sorts of crazy things about people!

    lime said...

    oh...and have a GREAT weekend.

    Crabby said...

    LOL! After Bob had his he came out talking like a girl. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha! Those people took him seriously. It was hysterical.

    Great flass 55!

    Have fun this weekend, kiddo. And stay outa jail.

    snowelf said...

    Have a wondeful time with your friends!!

    I laughed out loud in the lab reading this!! :D


    ell said...

    have fun jenn! be careful!

    katie said...

    Love the 55! Have a great time with the ladies, girl! Party hard! :)

    Queenie said...

    Would he have belived it was the Immaculate Conception???
    Great 55.
    Have a great girlie weekend.....

    Stealth said...

    that was a good 55 :)

    Sophia said...

    Uh-Oh!!!!! LOL...very funny!

    Flyinfox_SATX said...

    That was pretty good! Got me thinking...and this is a good thing. You have yourself a great weekend as well. If you are gonna get smashed make sure you bring a camera and take plenty of pics!


    Flash said...

    Awesome ending...chaos ensues!!

    great 55!

    Manny said...

    Make sure you tell them to pick me up on their way.

    Have fun and stay safe!

    Strumpet said...

    Have an awesome time with the other babes, Ms. Sign!

    I just caught up on some of your posts below too.

    The video you made ROCKS!

    I adore the Clash.

    And all the questions about you and Mr. Sign was really cool to read.

    Take care, luv.


    G-Man said...

    Very Medical 55 Jenn!!
    You have a great week-end sweetie..xox

    kimmyk said...

    Oh my gosh. LOL.

    Lately I've been hearing these sorts of stories all too frequently. LOL.

    This was a good one!

    Sandi said...

    Wow! That was a great 55! I have read it about 6 times and still love it!
    PS: I've secretly moved sites...

    bdenied said...

    see we assume she was cheating. but his vascetomy could have not taken or the tubes could have grown back and that happens in about 3% of the cases.....but Im rooting for her cheating on him.