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    Monday, November 26, 2007

    Mind Numbing

    I've spent the last 6 days doing absolutely nothing constructive. Daughter #1 has been at my parents since Tuesday. This is her first year deer hunting and my step dad has been taking her every day.

    This left daughter #2 with Mr. Sign and me. She's 11 and her mouth goes non stop. She talks about everything and nothing. I have a hard time keeping her tuned into my head. I hate that I don't listen to every single word, but jeez, this kid makes my mind numb with her incessant chatter.

    #2 and I spent days playing video games. Then, I ran across this little gem. Go ahead, click on the picture. I haven't got past level 9.

    !!! Warning !!! If you don't find bathroom humor
    funny, you may want to skip this link.

    I hate to say it, but I'm going to be happy to go back to work. My mind is numb, but very relaxed.


    katie said...

    Ha! I enjoyed the fart game. i made him explode though. I am ready to go back to work as well. I am getting a bit bored around the house and my mind is turning to mush. so i'll go hang out with a room full of 4 year olds and that'll make it all better!! NOT!what the hell am i saying! haha!

    Hope you have a great week, Sign Gurl!! :)

    gab said...

    I love that game. I killed poor ganny poop pants lol.

    Mona said...

    Routine disturbed, even by hols is disrupting...

    Happy Monday

    BTExpress said...

    Can't the parents handle two kids? Just think of all the naughty things you and Mr Sign could do without the kids around. Maybe You two and Hedi Klum could figure something out.

    If you guys are confused by that last part, ask Sign. ;-)

    *S* said...

    Great news on your T-day success from excess, Jenn! I'm glad you are relaxed, if numb. Down 5 lbs here from last week - which has everything to do with hormones and nothing to do with restraint. But it's great to be out of the 220's!

    Mr. S looks great!

    Enjoy your return to sanity and more measured speech!


    *S* said...

    Oh, and WTF about granny's heels comment?!? I swear, some people can't just say, "Gosh, you look wonderful!" and leave it at that - especially after being up in your cookie dough for years about the poundage.

    On the home front, my nephew was the only one to mention my weight but he did it perfectly, "Aunt S., you look just great". Warmed my heart.


    lime said...

    humming...'i have become comfortably numb....' heheheh

    Top cat said...

    I'm glad you're mind is numb but relaxed. Have fun at work!

    Donna said...

    You know... sometimes it's okay to give yourself license to be comfortably numb. :)

    jillie said...

    I have a friend like that. She talks NON stop and the sad thing about it is, I've had to listen to the same stories for the last 14 years! And if she's had a couple of drinks, the she gets to squealing when she talks. I actually asked her to put a sock in it for 5 min.

    Either way, I don't doubt for a minute you love and enjoy both daughters for just who they are.

    Now I have to go and check out the game and see who the hell ganny poop pants is...


    Michele in Michigan said...

    My youngest is the same way. Love him to death, but never shuts up. he is brilliant and knows a LOT of shit (current events, politics) and loves to "share." Makes me proud and fucking crazy at the same time LOL

    Thanks for sharing the game. When I get rid of this cat on my lap (and laptop) I shal play. Oh, yes, I SHALL play LOL


    Big Pissy said...

    My youngest was the same way when she was in elementary school.

    It carried over in popularity in high school..where as a senior she was voted "Most Talkative" lol

    BTExpress said...

    LMAO! I so wish we lived close by so we could hang out. We would have so much fun.

    BTW, I may have to come to Dearborn so keep your calender open. Roxi will tell you all about it.

    Manny said...

    I love games and bathroom humor.

    I wonder if my mom ever thought this way about my mouth? Ahhh ah ah ah ah ah

    Sarah said...

    Dude.. He exploded... I love it.