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    Friday, December 28, 2007

    Flash 55, Take 19

    Another year has come and gone.
    This year has been one of the best in my life.
    Weight loss surgery gave me my life back.

    I'm able to do things that I have never done,
    most of which have to do with my children.
    This surgery helped make me a better mother.

    Happy New Year!


    Strumpet said...


    Such a personal touch on the 55. I love it!

    And I love your love of being a mother.

    If I ever have kids I can only hope to be half as good of a mommy as you are, Signbabe.

    Your little ones are very lucky duckies to have you on their side.

    Great 55 and have a safe and happy new year!

    Real Live Lesbian said...

    Happy New Year to you, too! Great 55!

    Congrats on changing your sign!

    Akelamalu said...

    Popped over from G-man's to read your 55 - and what a great one it is too. Surgery (though not the same as yours) has made a huge difference to my life too this year - fabulous isn't it! :)

    lime said...

    getting your life back and being a better mom are the two most wonderful things. congrats, jenn!

    katie said...

    yea for you!! love the 55. very sweet. you rock, sign!

    Big Pissy said...


    I've known you for two years now....you were one of the first people I met blogging.

    You've ALWAYS been such a sweet, kind -hearted, beautiful person.

    I've so enjoyed going on this journey of weight loss with you and am SO so proud of you and how well you've done.

    Big hugs, sweetie!

    Happy New Year!


    smarmoofus said...

    Hrm. Like the Friday before Christmas, I'm starting to detect a Friday-before-New-Year's theme that I failed to anticipate. Oh well. Great 55, signgurl! And congratulations on the life change! If there was an operation that could do as much for me, I'd be the first one on the surgery list.


    bdenied said...

    a belated but Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year for you.....

    G-Man said...

    I loved this real 55!!!
    You are My mentor and my inspiration..
    Thanks for playing...
    And for putting up with me every day...G

    Charles said...

    That's not fiction, it's wonderful. Who could argue with losing weight making you a better mother?
    Great one.

    snowelf said...

    This year had to be one of the best and most challenging years of your life. I admire you so much, Jenn.

    Happy New Year :)


    Jon said...

    Happy New Year!!!