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    Saturday, January 05, 2008

    Fun With Photos

    I've had some issues lately with foods getting stuck. I ate some baby carrots the other night and thought I would die before morning came. I don't know if I didn't chew enough or what, but I felt like I had to get better to die.

    Most meals are hard for me to eat. I feel full after just a few bites. I'm hoping I don't have a stricture (common after weight loss surgery).

    My face is becoming quite gaunt. I'm afraid of what I'm going to look like when I lose 45 more pounds. Maybe my body will draw the fat from my thighs and stomach. A girl can dream.

    I found this website that is fun. You can upload your picture and in a few days they send it back with what you will look like after losing X amount of pounds. Here is the link.

    Here are my results (I'm not sure why my hand got deformed in the process):

    Hope you have fun with this.


    lime said...

    yikes the choking thing sounds more than a bit unpleasant. i hope there's no more of that going on!

    Anonymous said...

    girl, you look incredible!

    that is very cool how they can do that with the photo.

    Hope you are having a great weekend, Sign. Stay warm. :)

    Suze said...

    Jenn, you look hot! It's been a difficult journey for you but one worth taking.

    I bet Mr Sign is in seventh heaven every time he looks at you. ;)

    barman said...

    I had very similar symptoms and for me I think it was anxiety. I would never have thought that. Just don't rule anything out no matter how unlikely. Fell better soon.

    The photo is interesting. It looks like they left your face alone but boy did your legs slim down and the girls too besides just the stomach. Maybe if you only lose 45 pounds your hand will not get all deformed. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Big Pissy said...

    Wow! That is so cool!

    I think you look great now! :)

    Jon said...

    Looking hot either way you slice it

    Wanna_B_slimmer said...

    Hope the food issue is sorted soon..I hope it isnt something too serious....
    Love the photo resizing thing.. I have sent mine away....

    SignGurl said...

    Lime~ It's not really a choking thing. It feels like when you get a pill stuck only it lasted for 8 hours, gah!

    Katie~ Thank you, my dear!

    Suze~ This journey has been quite a ride, but worth every minute. Mr. Sign and I are both in seventh heaven ;)

    Barman~ Strictures are very common with weight loss surgery. Because the stoma (opening to the stomach) is compromised during surgery, sometimes scar tissue forms around it, causing the opening to become smaller. They can happen at any time after surgery. The picture is interesting in that it didn't touch my face. I wish this is what my body had in store for me.

    Pissy~ Thanks!

    Jon~ You always know just what to say.

    Wanna B~ I can't wait to see your picture!

    buddha_girl said...


    And before you swallow, chew some more for good measure.

    When I had my surgery, I didn't eat solid food for almost an entire year. No joke. Bad complications.

    Four years out, and I still have problems with certain foods or when I eat when I'm stressed. It's still all worth it!

    Very cool pic site!

    snowelf said...

    I am totally going to try out that site. I have been a shamefully terrible eater lately, so I need some motivation and some inspiration. (Which means I might be stalking your blog more than usual)lol! :)

    We're going sledding today at least, so that should be some fun and sneaky exercise. ;)

    Keep it up, Jenn, you rock!


    kimmyk said...

    i was gonna say chew chew chew but i see someone else said it.

    i've been having that feeling too now for a while. i honestly think it's winter and we're not as hungry as we were before.

    i dont know. i hope you don't have anything wrong.

    i'm not so sure 50 pounds is good for you to lose looking at the photo. honestly, looks like too much to me. i'd think that one over a bit because you look great now.

    jiggs said...

    I gotta think of a funny way to use this weight machine.