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    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    100 Ways Wednesdays

    This is my first post of 10 each, for 100 Ways Wednesdays. You can read a little about it here.

    100 Ways Losing Weight Has Changed My Life

    1 ♦ Furniture will now hold my weight without a second thought.

    2 ♦ Running up stairs instead of crawling on my knees is no problem.

    3 ♦ My youngest daughter can get her arms all the way around me to hug me.

    4 ♦ There is room between the steering wheel and my stomach when I drive.

    5 ♦ Getting off the floor is no longer a problem.

    6 ♦ Fitting into booths in restaurants is easy.

    7 ♦ Strangers actually speak to me instead of ignoring me.

    8 ♦ I am proud of my accomplishments for the first time in my life.

    9 ♦ I weigh just 10 pounds more now than in high school.

    10 ♦ The girls and I went ice skating.

    Please let me know in the comments if you have done a 100 Ways post.


    lime said...

    i haven't participated but #3 brings a tear to my eye as i am sure it does to you too.

    snowelf said...

    You know, it's the running up the stairs instead of crawling up them that gets me...

    What an incredible feeling of freedom this transformation has brought to you!!

    So MANY hugs Signgurl! And thanks for the great idea!!! :)


    G-Man said...

    Snow-Elf did this!!!!!

    And it's about time we sit in a booth again!!!


    cadbury_vw said...

    "My youngest daughter can get her arms all the way around me to hug me."

    isn't that a most gratifying and terrifying moment?

    my daughter said "Now I can hug you!" as she wrapped her arms around me for the first time

    barman said...

    Man many of those really hit home. I stopped sitting in those plastic chairs that look real solid because ... well godzilla has nothing on me when it comes to those plastic chairs.

    Congrats on #2 being able to hug you for several different reasons.

    You really should be proud of your accomplishments. The procedure was only part of what allowed you to lose the weight. There was still a lot of will power on your part that went into your wonderful weight loss.

    Oh and yea, what G-ster said about the booth...

    SignGurl said...

    Lime~ It still makes me happy every time she hugs me.

    Snow Elf~ Crawling up the stairs was the only way I could get there the more weight I gained. My knees ached so bad that you could hear them creak when I walked. Thank you so much for participating in this with me!

    G-Man~ I saw Snow Elf's. She rocks!

    Cad~ Aww.. you know exactly how it feels. I'm on your exercise path now.

    Barman~ I broke one of those chairs at my sister's house. I had stood for over 5 hours because I was afraid of sitting in one of them. I sat down and the arm of the chair broke off and the leg bent. I was so embarrassed! My sister tried to make me feel better by telling me that the chair was cracked. I know it wasn't.

    Anonymous said...

    The one about your daughter's hugs brought a tear to my eye. so sweet. I love the list, sign gurl. :)

    Susy said...

    Great list! Love it. A big, big one for me is I can stand up in the bath time now when it's time to get out. I dont have to get on my knees and push myself up our of the tub and be affraid I might fall. Great job Jenn!

    terry said...

    love this idea... and yes, this makes me both sad AND happy to read.

    Strumpet said...

    I am SO fantasizing about pulling a Number Three on you, right now.

    This is gonna be one HELL of a list, Sign-babe.

    And I seriously love this new pic with the hoodie!