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    Saturday, March 15, 2008

    Amazing Pants

    Here is a view of how huge my clothes used to be.


    Lori said...

    OMG Jenn...that truly is amazing. I mean, as a newcomer to your blog I already felt that you have done is amazing. But sheesh...looking at the close next to you and seeing how big they are really puts it into reality. GIRL!!!!!! You are SOMETHING! You wear a size smaller than I do! So go you!

    barman said...

    I remember the SignGurl back then. I am proud to say that the SignGurl back than and now are the same person only with a lot more confidence and just a few less pounds. I am always amazed when ever you share. You have accomplished so very much. It is so hard for people to even understand or comprehend.

    But I will say this, I loved this movie. I found myself experiencing, oh I do not, pride maybe ... I am proud for you. Somehow that is not quit it but. I felt the tears kind of welling up inside of me. I am very happy for you Sign. Your story is incredible and I so look forward to your next chapter.

    katie said...

    so proud of you! you are an amazing woman, sigh gurl.

    Have a great weekend!

    kimmyk said...

    amazing jenn!
    i got rid of all my shit. i can't bare to be reminded of how big i was.

    my daughter showed me a pic of myself from about 10 years ago and i damn near broke down in tears...

    it's hard isn't it? remembering? i'm much better looking forward.

    G-Man said...

    You have this thing about periwinkle don't you?
    I watched this video in stunned silence!!

    ...well mainly because I have no sound card!!

    Have a great week-end Shrunkin Signgurl..xoxoxo

    Yippeeskip said...

    I loved this video. What was cool for me was hearing your voice for the first time. You rock!!!

    lime said...

    ok, first of all LMAO at the sir mix a lot tune you used!

    second of all, i think you should keep that pair of pants and shirt forever, just so if you have a really low day you can pull them out and remind yourself how far you've come. i think visually that is an even more dramatic sight than the superimposed pictures of your former self with your current self.

    well done, jenn!

    Strumpet said...


    I was SO dancin' to your end-credits just now!!!

    Sir Mix is da shizznit.

    And, you got that shirt at the Family Dollar???

    I am SO goin'.

    That would be so cute under a rock tee when it's cold out and also....those kinds of shirts, I'm sure you have noticed....make your--are we calling them 'clavicles' now?--look way leer-licious. Ha.

    There's a Family Dollar down the street from me. Maybe I'll go today cos I need hangers too.

    Now....the video.

    It's pure AWESOMENESS.

    I KNOW, KNOW, KNOW you will reach your goal. You've come so far and it might take you longer to get there than you had wanted, but that doesn't matter...you're still gonna get there, Sign-babe, and that is ALL that matters.

    Don't you know it.

    I like your pretty pink, poofy valences. Is that what they're called, 'valences?' I don't even have curtains.

    Other brothers can't deny....you freaking ROCK.


    Galen, will you go to the Geek Squad at Best Buy already and have the geeks hook you up with some cheap sound? You are SERIOUSLY missin' out on this one! =P

    ell said...


    there just aren't enough words to express the magnitude of your accomplishments thus far. and you just keep on going.

    my hat's off to you.


    wayne said...

    amazing how sexy you must feel

    you look greattttttttttttttttt

    keep it off the weight

    that will always be your goal and

    i know that u will keep that goal

    Lara said...

    That is really freaking amazing. The video reminded me of that picture of you and your daughter sharing one of your old pairs of jeans.. one leg each. Stuff like that should remind you how hard you've worked and just how far you've come. A distance I can't even imagine... I know what it took me to lose 10 lbs and keep it off. To continue the fight day after day.. to get this close and see that goal in reach... you must be so proud of yourself! And you should be. :)

    Through Thick and Thin said...

    it is so amazing to put on clothes that we used to literally squeeze into and now, they just fall right off.

    snowelf said...

    Awww, Jenn, I just love you!! Thanks again for being brave and sharing such a personal part of your life with us. As always, You Rock Chicka!!


    jillie said...

    Yeah Galen...I second what Strumpet said. GET A SOUND CARD!

    Jenn...you AMAZE me all the time! I am sooooooooooo proud of you!!

    The incredible shrinking woman ;o)

    love it!


    Michele in Michigan said...

    Jenn--so proud of you! This has been a long & difficult road for you, but YOU are still shining through in all of this. I felt as Barman did

    You are an inspiration, whether or not you think so!!

    Hugs, my friend!

    jillie said...

    Jenn....you're going to have to change that song to I like skinny butts. Jenn's got a hawt butt.

    You are sooooooo adorable and I am soooo proud of you!! I wish I lived close to you. We could be work out buddies and then drink tequila afterwards....lol!


    terry said...

    those pants aren't amazing.

    YOU are amazing.

    and like barman, i teared up watching this too!

    Donna said...

    What an awesome way to chronicle your progress. I'm so proud of you!