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    Thursday, March 27, 2008

    Au Revoir To HNT

    I'm giving a great sigh of relief since I decided not to post Half Nekkid Thursday posts anymore. Honestly, I felt like I had nothing more to give this community. It was wicked fun in the old days but I feel that I've outgrown this phenomenon.

    I gained so much self confidence from posting pictures of myself and reading the positive feedback. HNT taught me to love my body when it wasn't very lovable. Even when I weighed almost 400 pounds, I was made to feel like part of me was attractive. I also learned that I love to look at beautiful artistic pictures of "real" people.

    Yesterday I had an interesting experience. I was putting lettering on a window on Main St. in the town I grew up in. A guy walked up and it took me a minute to figure out who he was. He's the father of a woman that I was best friends with growing up. I spent a lot of time growing up at his house.

    This guy was a total jerk to me as an adolescent. I was never fat growing up, but I wasn't slim either. His nickname for me was Chubbo. He never referred to me as anything other than that. After a while, I started to believe him. He really helped to set in my mind, the way I saw and felt about myself for the rest of my life. So, even though I wasn't that fat, I believed him that I was.

    Back to my story. So, we are chatting on Main Street and he tells me that he saw my YouTube Pants video. He proceeded to remark about how huge my pants were. The creepiest part was when he said he had seen the rest of my pictures which I took to mean my HNT pictures.

    I cannot tell you how skeezed out I felt knowing that this idiot had viewed something I feel so vulnerable about. I decided to hide all of my more risque pictures.

    The best part of this story is that my friend's dad is now suffering from obesity. Karma rocks!

    I had already decided not to participate in HNT before this incident, but this just drove the point home that it was time to say goodbye. Thank you all for your encouraging comments at a time that I really needed them.


    G-Man said...

    I'm joining your revolt!!
    No More Naked Pics!!!
    I've pulled all of my old nude shots too..Thanks...G

    G-Man said...


    Amber said...

    You look amazing!!!

    buddha_girl said...

    What a fucking moron from hell.

    Lori said...

    So...is he reading your blog too??? LOLOLOL How funny would THAT be?

    There is a time for everything. A 'season'...you are in summer now. :)

    (now if it would just hit Michigan eh? LOL)

    Osbasso said...

    You'll be missed. Hope you'll still lurk around though!

    lime said...

    yeesh, i don't blame you for feeling skeezed out. and karma does indeed rock in this case. bwahaha.

    jenn, you are indeed beautiful. you always have been and always will be, no matter your size. the posts that revealed the greatest part of your beauty are the posts about how you cared for your MIL and how you returned kindness to people who never gave it to you. that's the true measure of beauty. though, as we all can see....your outsides are just gorgeous too!

    Flyinfox_SATX said...

    Your confidence makes you sexy! Good post, not that you had to justify anything but thank you for the clarification.

    ...I will say that I will miss your HNT posts though.

    Regardless, I am here for the duration. I like reading your blog. HNT or no HNT!


    S said...

    Oh man, it really is skeezy when someone in the 3D world finds the blog. I was super creeped out when my dad, yes, dad found it, and man....you know some of my pics, always classy but still revealing..that was super skeeze!
    Now, a very sweet online guy friend of mine said to me when I expressed my

    S said...

    .....oops...freakedoutness, said:

    SO WHAT? Are you NOT an adult? A 47 year old adult at that?

    Oh yeah! I am. I can do what I want.

    That really worked for me.
    I am not saying that I will not show some skin from time to time, but it will never be sleazy!

    I just want to slap that guy that you ran into!
    OK I have another....

    I was getting a cheeseburger at a Foster Freeze. This little short guy (short men, ew)
    decides to hit on me with the line,
    "I would never have guessed you for a cheeseburger gal, you are so slim. It's really hot when I see a "not a young woman" who has kept herself in such great shape. I just hate fat chicks...bla bla..."
    In the meanwhile theres a 250 pound woman behind the counter.....and I'm mortified, but he goes on and on about fat chicks.
    Finally I said to him, and this is true, miss,
    "Well, I never know what size I am going to be. Just 18 months ago I weighed 170, and in college I weighed 193, and goodness knows how much I will weigh next year!"

    That did it for him! He was turned off. HOORAY!
    What an ass.

    And thank you for letting me rant.

    S said...

    PS ROTFLMFAO @ buddha girls comment!

    Anonymous said...

    Glad that karma bit that ass in the ass!

    I have taken lonnnng breaks from hnt before. I understand the desire to participate going away. Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with us while you did :)

    The Savage said...

    I'm too much an attention whore to give up HNTs....
    Kisses and such.

    barman said...

    Hey if you ever do decide to go back to HNT, just always keep it respectful and classy and you have nothing to worry about. I could not put it any better than Lime did in her comment. You are even more lovely inside as outside and that is hard to believe that is even possible. Thanks for all you did in that past as they have always been most interesting and never anything to be ashamed off.

    barman said...

    Oh and TWISTER!

    I figure if G can yell YAHTZEE, surely I can yet out some game. Oh how about KER PLUNK!

    jillie said...

    All we have to do is just look at your and not all half nekkid to know just how beautiful you are and how lucky WE are to have shared those special moments with you!!!


    G-Man said...

    This is not a gaming room, this is a very high-class blog...!!


    Vixen said...

    You are a strong, amazing woman. I looked forward to your pics and words that accompanied them each week and will def miss you.... But I think that is awesome that you have come to the point you have.

    Much love, xoxo

    evalinn said...

    U are an awesome lady, a model to me in many ways. I´ll miss your HNT´s, but this is the right decision for u I´m sure!

    snowelf said...

    I understand completely why you and Lime have decided to end your HNT's. I was never confident enough in myself to do them to begin with, so I've always had the ultimate admiration for your bravery. :)


    cadbury_vw said...


    i can understand how that would be both greasy and really maddening

    stupid fuck

    kimmyk said...

    so does he read your blog too???

    ew. just ew @ all of it.

    just wrong. go away. no lookey no more!!! blah.

    SeaRabbit said...

    I'm glad you did it for the time it was fine with your conscience to do it... Just wish you will still show us your wonderful smile sometimes... ;-)

    Strumpet said...

    It's sad, Sign-babe, but they're really are a LOT of idiotic people out there in the world.

    The world is a thrift store...you have to sort through a lot of SHIT to get to the good stuff.

    Which makes the true finds SO much more thrilling and appreciated.

    Ahh...and YOU are one of those true finds.

    Though I will dearly miss the sexiness that is the visuals you have provided us readers...

    It is the sexiness and greatness and specialness that exudes from who you are by what you SAY and offer to Blogland as a whole...that draw me into Sign-babe's world.

    So you just keep that comin', Hot Stuff.