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    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    A Few Things I've Noticed

    • It takes me 3 hours less to do laundry every week. I can only attribute this to the fact that our clothes are less than half the size.
    • My body can get through spaces that my head still says I can't.
    • Walking alone is heavenly.
    • I am going to need hip replacement surgery if the sex doesn't slow down.Teethy
    • It's hard not to complain about hip problems but you risk extreme embarrassment otherwise. Embarrassed 1
    • You should never buy a case of something on the internet unless you have already sampled it.
    • I really, really miss brown sugar Pop Tarts.
    • I hate to admit that I'm looking forward to exercising now that I've made the commitment. Fat Man 7
    • Famous 10


    lime said...

    i'm curious about the hip problem/embarassment issue:P

    G-Man said...


    Jesus Jenny, Lighten up girl, your like a rabbit!


    Anonymous said...

    You go, girl!! Sex is a great exercise as well. so don't say you don't like exercise. cuz technically that ain't true, right? hehe. :)

    You have a great day!!!

    barman said...

    Now you are just braggin'!

    See now all that activity is burning calories also. Keep up the exercise.

    Yippeeskip said...

    Mee too, meee too, mee too!!! How about sitting in stadium seats, buckling airplane seatbelts, and keeping up with kids?

    Lori said...

    hehe I love the one about your body fitting through where your head says you can't! WOOHOO!!!!!! You are AWESOME!

    And *snort* Love the hip replacement!

    Michele in Michigan said...

    LOL at the whole hip thing

    And WTF is Twitter? I don't get it--am I really THAT stupid? lolol

    congrats on all of your hard work. I am so very proud of you!!!

    Hope to become a loser by end of summer. I will be scheduling an appt with Kemmeter :)

    SignGurl said...

    Lime~ I'd love to elaborate but you know a lady never tells. Whoever said I was a lady? LMAO! It's genetic.

    G-Man~ I'm more like a bunny.

    Katie~ Believe it or not, the program I use to keep track of food and exercise counts sexual activity as a work out. Woo hoo!!

    Barman~ No bragging here. Just waiting to come up for air.

    Yippeeskip~ Amen, sister!

    Lori~ It's the weirdest thing. They say it takes your brain sometimes years to catch up with your actual physical self. Sometimes I don't even recognize myself in the mirror.

    Michele~ Twitter is a way to leave little blurbs about what you are up to. You can "follow" what others are doing and leave them comments. I'm trying it out for a bit.

    Congratulations on your appointment with Kemmeter. Can I go with you? I'm always looking for an excuse to see his beautiful blue eyes again.

    Strumpet said...

    I'm quite curiosified as to what you bought a case of!

    And I do hope you are feeling heaps better, it sounds like you are, having joined up with the Curve ladies...CONGRATS and HAVE FUN!!!

    It's fun to work out while you're groovin' to wicked tunage. Bring your iPod!!

    You just get lost and you find that you go at a faster pace than normal...

    Your body just goes and your mind doesn't pay attention to it until the machine says that your twenty minutes are up and you're like, "Whoa, dude. Already?" It's awesomeness.

    Of course this only works for certain machines, not the leg and the arm ones that you are only doing reps on.

    Another motivator for exercise....makes your libido go into overdrive. Not that you need it.

    So, schedule that hip replacement surgery.


    jillie said...

    LOL...you crack me up. I can't WAIT to start going back to the gym. But you know...they've taught me some pretty good moves at therapy that I can get going again without the cost of the gym.

    I am sooooo excited for you ;o)

    Naughty Endevours said...

    You're adorable.