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    Friday, March 07, 2008

    Flash 55, Take 24

    I'm in the clutches of something sinister.

    I twist and turn and try to break free,
    but the hold is too strong.

    This thing is making my life miserable.
    I cannot let it win.

    I'm too weak to fight, but I must
    if I want to survive.

    The common cold can kiss my big butt!


    If you are interested in attempting to write a 55, you can visit here. If you do one, go tell Susie that you did.



    Yippeeskip said...

    Hang in there, this too shall pass.

    lime said...

    ugh, no fun. graba blanket and a box of kleenex and a mug of tea and hibernate until you feel better.

    James Goodman-Horror Writer said...

    oh, sucks that you're sick, but it was great 55. I hope you feel better soon...

    myrtle beached whale said...

    your 55 was a great discription of what most of America is feeling lately;

    barman said...

    You kick that colds butt now. Sorry you feel bad. Nice 55 however.

    Akelamalu said...

    You summed it up perfectly! Great 55, sorry to hear you're in the clutches of a cold. :(

    Mine 55 is up.

    Mona said...

    You can take some tea with ginger & cinnamon!

    Great 55ve Sign Gurl :D

    kimmyk said...

    sorry you're a sicky.

    your butt isn't big. shut up. lol.

    Anonymous said...

    girl, you look AWESOME in that cute swimsuit!! love it love it!

    Hope you have a great weekend and that the cold gets to steppin' very soon!

    gab said...

    I caught your cold.

    Flyinfox_SATX said...

    I feel for you. That was me last week. Trust me...it sucks!

    Get well soon!


    barman said...

    If you received something from me in email about FanBox, please delete it. I may have unknowingly sent out requests to people in my email to join. I hope I have since killed my account there.

    jillie said...


    LOL...I hope you feel better soon ;o)