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    Sunday, April 20, 2008

    Winning Day

    This has undoubtedly been one of the nicest weather weekends we have had here in Michigan in more than 6 months. It was near 80 degrees with a slight wind.

    Daughter #1 had an all day softball tournament Saturday. I was so proud of the entire team. They played together last year as Freshmen but didn't really ever get it together. The girls just didn't know how to play and didn't have much team work. The team lost most of their games and had no confidence. The coach was learning to be a mentor and hadn't really figured out how to mold and shape these young girls without screaming and berating them.

    This year has been a different story. The girls are much stronger and skilled at playing. It's so fun to watch them as they support each other and share in general camaraderie.

    The coach has not yelled once unless it has been supportive. She almost cried when I told her that I was so impressed with her coaching and her treatment of the girls. I explained that I was proud of her for learning to control her temper. She was beaming excitedly after the third game.

    I was so proud watching my "little girl" play center field catching two pop flies in the first game. She played second base for the last two games and turned two double plays. I was hoarse from cheering so hard for our little team that could.

    The girls ended up undefeated for the tournament and won the trophy.

    The winning moment with the coach on the right,
    our team in the middle and
    the last team we annihilated on the left:

    A moment of glory:

    The Junior Varsity Girls Softball Team
    (#1 is on the left, the only one wearing long pants):


    kimmyk said...

    awww great game!!!
    wtg girls!

    it was nice today wasn't it? love this weather. just makes ya feel so much better than all that snow. [yes i know, you love the white stuff...you crazy ass]

    It's gettin' to be flip flop weather SG!!!

    buddha_girl said...

    Hooray for #1. Sounds like an amazing weekend - especially with the weather completely cooperating.

    G-Man said...

    All Hale #1!!!!!!!
    And Jenn, the proud mama!
    Great Pix, and congratulations!!!!

    lime said...

    now win or lose those are noteworthy improvements! nonetheless congrats to them for winning the tournament!

    Lori said...


    This weather really is great isn't it? We took Ben to the lake for the very first time ever! He was in such awe and insists it's too big to be a lake so he calls it an ocean. lol I can't wait for summer and to take him all the time. :))

    jillie said...

    Wooohoooo!!! Go team! I use to love going to my nieces and nephews games.

    Here's to nice weather. You had nicer weather than I did. It's about time too!

    BTW...stop by my place, I have an award for you XO

    stealth said...

    GREAT GAME!!! awesome!!!

    Strumpet said...



    Congratulations to the hot, hard-workin' ladies of the JV.

    Fooking awesome.