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    Thursday, May 08, 2008

    Flash 55, Take 32

    The music is pounding and my body
    is moving in rhythm with the beat.

    The sweat starts to trickle down my
    back as my pulse races.

    I try to control the pain in my gut
    but my intestines have a mind of their own.

    Why did I have to eat bean soup before working out?


    If you are interested in attempting to write a 55, you can visit here. If you do one, go tell G-Man that you did.



    lime said...

    LOL, just consider it a turbo boost for the workout ;)

    lime said...

    oh yeah, and....YAHTZEE!

    snowelf said...

    HEHEHEHE!! I am so laughing at you and Lime!!
    Great 55 Jenn! I love the funny ones! :)

    And I am all impressed by your 8 mile walk.


    jillie said...

    LOL...you better walk OR run behind everyone else! That's as bad as me giving BEANS to the dogs...WTF was I thinking!!!!!!!

    I will have my 55 up in the a.m.


    Have a good wknd...I am off to Vegas to help my best friend and her daughter who turns 21 this wknd celebrate. I am going to break her in in style...LOL

    G-Man said...

    As long as sweat is the only thing trickling out of you, it's OK!!!
    Loved your 55,...Thanks.

    barman said...

    Oh dear, beens. I just hope the workout did not last to long.

    Love the 55.

    jillie said...

    I'm still laughing at your beans....aaarrrrrr!!!!!!

    I got my 55 up wooohooo!

    Have a great wknd and Happy Mother's Day to you.


    smarmoofus said...

    haha! Turbo boost. *giggle* Bean-powered? I love it! G-man's right. Hope it's only the sweat trickling out. Ew! But what a fun 55.


    Strumpet said...


    You are just the cutest thing.

    This really made me smile.

    I'm so happy that you are enjoying exercising so much and all the lovely things that go with it.



    rock on,

    and have a coolass weekend, luv

    P.S. I love all legumes, especially in soupy concoctions--I am making split pea soup as I type this in my slow cooker. Yum.

    katie said...

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sign Gurl!

    Donnetta Lee said...

    Well, I have asked myself that same question before! hahaha I got a good laugh out of this one. Great sense of humor.

    kimmyk said...

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

    Mona said...

    LOl! I guess you need the soy protein for muscular buildup!

    Happy mother's day Jenn

    Thank you for your ever so kind good wishes & prayers for me!