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    Sunday, May 04, 2008

    More Randomness

    Here are more pictures from last weekend.

    I had never been wine tasting so my friend took me. After my five tastes, I was looped. Wine really hits me hard since gastric bypass surgery.

    This is my friend shopping while I took slightly tipsy pictures of her with her cart full of wine:

    Later that day, we had to check a cat for a friend. We drank his alcohol and took pictures on his patio and texted them to him:

    I took the liberty of posing his movable artwork:

    Since we always do everything backward, after we drank all the alcohol, we ate lunch. Yes, that is a martini in the background. The soup was the most delicious pea soup I have ever eaten. It was slightly sweet:

    I have more pictures I hope to get posted tomorrow from last weekend.

    This weekend was spent at another softball tournament all day Saturday. The girls took the trophy again. This is #1 and me after sitting in 30 mph winds, eating lots of dust:

    Today we started working on putting in a new lawn on our new property. I'm too tired to tell you how much work we did. We worked for 10 hours straight stopping only once to eat. I did more today, physically than I used to do in a month when I was fatter. I'm exhausted, but happy.

    And how was your weekend?


    Strumpet said...

    I am SO jealous of the shopping cart full of wine!

    I can only afford one bottle at a time. Ha!

    And that caprese salad is making me reeaaalllyyy hungry. Yum!

    Congrats on the trophy!!! That's awesome.

    Your friend should keep his pose-able artwork in the poses you have so graciously provided.

    They look as though they are having an exorbitant amount of fun.

    Perhaps is it marathon sex inspired?

    Good onya.

    Sicilian said...

    Gurl. . . . I live for days in the yard. . . . I am so glad that you have the energy to complete tasks. . . .
    Oh and I think you're the bomb. . . eating dust and yelling for your girls doesn't get any better.

    kimmyk said...

    Looks like a great weekend to me!!!

    G-Man said...

    What a proud pic of you and #1..
    You are both beautiful..
    Uncle Galen...xoxox

    katie said...

    you look awesome in your pictures, Sign Gurl!! glad you had fun!

    lime said...

    if you put those artists models in a gallery i bet you could get a lot of money for them!

    congrats to #1 on the trophy, look at her smile and proud mama. :)

    The Savage said...

    I sooooooooooo want to be on a wine drunk right now... or a beer drunk... one of the two... maybe both....

    lalepro said...

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! We went morel hunting in the southern part of the state and really enjoyed the sunshine and just being outdoors. I know how it feels!!!



    Lori said...

    I didn't know anyone, other than those on tv, actually bought that much wine at one time! lol

    The weather is so nice for doing yard work...if I DID yard work. hehe Glad you are happy about it though..being outside is so good for the mood... :)

    HUGS sweetie... OHHH And congrats on "Number 1"s trophy! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

    wisdomstuff said...

    You look like you had so much fun! I love wine tasting :-)

    jillie said...

    We SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO need to hang out together!!!!