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    Saturday, July 05, 2008

    Hello Mudder, Hello Fahdder...

    Daughter #1 earned a partial scholarship to a performing arts camp here in Michigan. We were thrilled since she had asked to go many times, but because of the cost, we were unable to send her.

    #1 plays the upright string bass, also known as the double bass in both symphony and orchestra. She started playing 5 years ago but had never really learned the basics because of class sizes and the fact that most of the teachers didn't really have a clue about this instrument.

    #1 is one of the most independent children I have ever known. She's going to be a Junior in high school this year and has already mapped out most of the rest of her life. I feel very proud that she's blossomed into such a determined young lady.

    She has been at camp for almost two weeks. This camp does not allow any electronic devices including cell phones. So, my child is in the woods (not a problem for her since we are outdoor people), with no outside connection to the world. No TV, mP3 players, radios or phones.

    The camp encourages campers to write home every day as a form of communication. The first couple of letters were pretty tame and rather cold, with "Yours truly" in the closing. She talked about her cabin mates and said she was getting along great.

    By day three, she began her letter with the heading, "Only cried twice today". Two lines later she said she had lied about how many times she had cried. She said she never dreamed she would be so homesick and that she would beg us to come and get her but she knew how much money we had paid for her to be there. She also closed her letter with "Love, #2".

    Day 4, the camp was compared to jail. The campers have to wear a uniform with shirts tucked in, buttons buttoned and name tags on at all times. The campers have to sing for their meals. Girls are not allowed to sit with boys, ever, including meal time. One of her cabin mates was being picked up early by her parents.

    The next several days got worse, but #2 was sticking it out, learning her way in the world alone. I am so proud of this girl.

    We get to go pick up my baby tomorrow and hear a concert of the hard work and tears poured into the music. I hope this experience will help her go far when she attends college.


    Yippeeskip said...

    One time at band camp...I had many great experiences traveling across Europe with choir. It's wonderful your daughter got to experience this and you get to have this wonderful concert and reunion.

    buddha_girl said...

    Sounds like she's learned to persevere long before heading to camp. As a fellow mom, I would have been torn to pieces by the letters but am so proud to hear that both she and you haven't given in to the urge to give up.

    She's on her way to doing amazing things in this life! Way to go, Jenn!

    kimmyk said...

    awww....at first they're all "yeah i can do this..." and then as time moves on they realize how much they depend on us. i love life lessons like this...for many different reasons.

    as parents we hope that we raise our kids the right way so that when we have to finally cut the apron strings they'll be alright--i think your daughter is a true testament to what kind of mother you are.

    you should all be proud of her. i know i am and she's not even mine!

    G-Man said...

    I so so happy for the both of you...G xox
    Hey, this is only Saturday!!!!

    BTExpress said...

    As bad as she feels now, she will be proud of herself that she stuck it out.

    stalkermom said...

    Awe! I'm sure everyone will be happy to see each other again! Hopefully she made some great new friends and will look back on it as a good time!

    kimmyk said...

    i tagged you. i tagged you.

    aren't you excited?!?

    Sicilian said...

    I am so glad she had the experience. . . . preparing her for college . . . . a chance for her to know that she has you and her dad in her corner. . . . a chance to know that she survived. . . . and she is all the better for the experience.

    Lori said...

    It IS nice she gets to have this opportunity. She's probably proud that she stuck it out.
    You're a great mom Jen