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    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Flash 55, Take 43

    Her pulse raced as thoughts flew through her head.

    She worked up the nerve and began her decent into madness.

    She had never broken so many rules and she liked how it made her feel.

    The nerves tingling throughout her body made her know she was alive.

    Who knew rule breaking could feel so good?


    If you are interested in attempting to write a 55, you can visit here to learn about it.
    If you do one, go tell G-Man that you did.


    On my walk today I decided to break the rules. A new path is being made with bridges that are still not open to the public.


    I decided to push aside the barriers:


    Climb over the caution tape, steel girders and fencing:


    and make my way along the new path with the wind blowing my hair wildly:


    After I had finished that, I decided to completely throw caution to the wind and climb inside the Michigan Cat bull dozer. Thankfully, the keys weren't in it or I'd probably be in jail right now:


    I passed a friendly little snake:


    My next rule to break will be to swim across the lake to the island
    (please save up money to pay for my bail):



    Thanks for taking a walk with me today! Have a great weekend and remember to answer that phone when I call for bail money ;)


    G-Man said...

    Naughty Naughty!!!
    I love 55's with pics!!!
    Jenn...You are such a scamp!
    I love this 55!!!!!!
    You think very fast don't you?
    Have a GREAT Week-End SignQueen!!

    G-Man said...

    As it Should be....G xox

    ciara said...

    awesome 55! and what fun to break rules! you're adorable in the photos, and if it looked like that around here, i may be more inclined to walk outside! :)i'm up, too.

    Mona said...


    The golden rule is that there are no rules!

    Those are such marvelous pictures Jenn. You know what, I come to your blog with an eagerness to see a more & more beautiful emerging you!

    I Love them pictures that you post!

    & these ones are specially so good since they make you feel that you are taking a walk along with Jenn!:)

    Kaknu said...

    Great 55 ;-) I love breaking rules, especially ones regarding speeding.

    Mojo said...

    You make me shiver in antici...


    Great story, great photos too!
    I'm up too

    smarmoofus said...

    Wooo! Breakin' the law, breakin' the law! Wild woman!

    Great 55... such fun!


    terry said...

    you daredevil! love these pics.

    S said...

    Rule breaking is good!

    barman said...

    rule breaking can be good for the soul...

    I have my cell phone all charged and I will await your call. Hopefully bail is not to much... I have a house payment due... :)

    Lori said...

    I CANNOT believe you did that! I would have never! Someday we will have to break a few rules together. muahahaha

    Missy said...

    That is such a lovely site to walk at. Looks peaceful and refreshing. Have a great weekend Jenn.

    KJ said...

    Count me in for bail money!!!

    Yippeeskip said...

    I'd break a rule with you anyday!!!

    lime said...

    lol, you are such a naughty child! we will start the collection for bail now. ;)

    Dark Lady said...

    THAT is so cool!!!

    I love you in the 'dozer!!!

    snowelf said...

    Signgurl, you are my kinda chick. I am cracking up at the pic of you in the cat! :D

    I'll borrow your bail money from Galen. ;)


    S said...

    Naughty naughty!
    I love it.

    I am going to jail too, for stealing a rickshaw! We can bunk together.

    Big Pissy said...

    Great post! I love the pictures!

    You look beautiful as usual. :)

    katie said...

    I love love the pics of you!! Your hair is adorable!

    How is it that you look so young! what is your secret? there is no way you can go to a bar without being carded!

    I hope you have a great weekend, SG! :)

    SignGurl said...

    G-Man~ I love being naughty!

    Ciara~ I am so lucky to have such beauty so close to me. I wish you could see it in person because pictures don't do justice.

    Mona~ I'm pretty sure you've broken a few rules in your day as well ;)

    Kaknu~ Are you a lead foot?

    Mojo~ I love Rocky Horror quotes! Best line of the movie!

    Smarmoofus~ That brings back the old 80's song. I can't remember who sang it.

    Terry~ Hehe!

    S~ You should know, lol!

    Barman~ Make sure you keep it on as well as charged, hehe!

    Lori~ You would sooo break the rules!! I can't wait to meet you.

    Missy~ It is my piece of heaven every day.

    KJ~ Thanks, I may need it.

    Yippeeskip~ Ditto!

    Lime~ I really may need it. I had to restrain myself from walking through the new (wet) concrete today.

    Dark Lady~ I'm such a tom boy.

    Snowelf~ I love your new profile picture! I think Galen is broke.

    S~ I've got to check that situation of yours out.

    Pissy~ You are really too kind to me.

    Katie~ Are you running for office, hehe? I never get carded. My husband who is 8 years older than me does! As for my hair, it is the result of a very long day without makeup and lots of sweat, yuck!

    buddha_girl said...

    Love a rule-breaker!

    ciara said...

    i have a question? when you click on my name, does it direct you to my main blog 'ramblings and whatnot' or 'life with hashi' my thyroid blog. or does it go to my profile?

    my 55 is on ramblings and whatnot.

    kimmyk said...

    you rebel you.

    call me anytime!

    The Savage said...

    You in the CAT is hot! so is the rest of the rule breaking....

    SignGurl said...

    Buddha Girl~ We need to break some together :)

    Ciara~ I get so confused when people have more than one blog. I just happened upon your weight loss post and decided to comment :)

    Kimmy~ We could really get into trouble, couldn't we?

    Savage~ Would it be even better if I told you I can operate one?

    SIMPLY ME said...

    I love, love, loved this. It was so much fun to read and view. Do more please!

    BTExpress said...

    Ooooooooooo, I'm telling you law breaker you!

    Serena Joy said...

    Beautiful pictures! And a fun 55, too. Rules were just made to be broken.:)