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    Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    Civic Duty

    You would not believe my day! I am on jury duty this week so I left early this morning to get a parking place downtown. Parking places are few and far between.

    I jump in my van and turn the key and it turns over but won't catch, like it's not getting gas. I'm thinking, "Awesome! Now what do I do?"

    So, I decide that I'll ride my bicycle. I went to the garage to get my bike and couldn't find the lock.

    I called daughter #1 who has already left for her first day of her Junior year, but she doesn't answer. When she finally calls back I tell her it's too late.

    I've never had to rely on public transportation but at this point I feel I have no other options. I walked to the bus stop and waited 40 minutes but the bus never came. I walked home and tried to start the car again and nothing.

    I'm panicked by this time thinking I'm going to jail on a bench warrant. My neighbor sees me but doesn't know who I am because he doesn't recognize me (this is the neighbor that wouldn't talk to me when I was fat, or at least he wouldn't look me in the eye when he did). I'm nearing tears at this point and I beg him to take me downtown. He does and I have 1 minute to spare.

    I forgot to mention that my stomach has decided to rebel and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to be more than a minute away from a bathroom. This is the price one pays for having her innards rearranged in order to lose weight.

    Sitting in a room with a couple of hundred other lucky people made me realize that everyone had some issue with being there but I decide to make the most of it and enjoy the day.

    I see this really nice looking guy that seems very friendly. He decided to sit by me in the courtroom. BONUS!!!

    12 were chosen so I'm sure I'm off the hook but they decide because it's a criminal case that they want 2 alternates. I end up being juror #14. I made it through voir dire and get to serve on a trial expected to last until next Monday. Joy!

    We get to hear opening statements and 3 of the witnesses before they dismiss us for the day.

    In the mean time, my step dad has left me 4 messages about the computer at work. I have never had a day off where he hasn't called me *sigh*.

    It was way after lunch time so I walk around downtown and get a great Greek salad. I think I'm going to walk home but it's 90 degrees and I'm wearing heels. I pass the bus station and decide to give it a try. There are some real characters there who decide to heckle me a bit, but I handle it well. I've never ridden public transportation in my life. What an experience!

    I make it home and decide to try one last time to start the car and the bitch starts!! I'm guessing it was water in the gas. It has happened before. Grrrr...

    All of this happened before 2 o'clock. I am afraid for what the rest of the day holds for me.


    Missy said...

    Girl and here I was thinking I had a bad day until I listened to yours!!! Hope things turned out better and I hate it when I get water in gasoline, which seems to be the way of things a lot more often.

    Take care kiddo. Let us know about the case woot, I am so nosy.

    Strumpet said...


    Public transit is SO much fun.

    You get extra props for braving it in HEELS!

    Hot mama, I bow before you.

    I only don the spikes when I have a ride, or I'm footin' a cab.

    Which these days...hasn't been as often as I'd like. Hence my newly purchased flats.

    I'm so jealous that you get to be on a jury.

    But, tell me, the hottie who sat next to you....did he get picked for juror number 13?

    And now....


    I am hungry for a Greek salad.

    Between yours and Bardude's posts today, I think I may have to just treat myself to one. It does sound awfully yummy.

    I hope your van doesn't stay angry for too long.

    Maybe you should give it to me.



    I'd have no place to park it here either.

    Hence....why I do appreciate Public Transit.

    There are LOTS of hot guys on public transit here. Weirdos too, but the hotties make up for it. There is almost always eye candy when ridin' the El or bus.

    It makes it worth the two bucks.

    I miss you. Can you tell? I'm rambling in your comment section.

    I'm gushing really.

    Cos I loved your comments at my place today. (I always love your comments, but today especially, because it's been so long and I really miss them. I can't wait to get back online on a regular basis!)

    I'd love you to make my sherbet sign.

    You rock, Sign-babe.


    lime said...

    ugh, ugh ugh. the kids finally go to school and you get jury duty. well, ain't that a kick in the butt.

    Big Pissy said...


    I used public transportation everyday when I lived in Hawaii.

    That was in the '70s and it wasn't a picnic back then. I can only imagine what it's like now.

    The Savage said...

    You may wanna get yourself a few bottles of Heet and pour in your gas.... (yeah I spelled it right) It'll help 'dry' your gas out

    buddha_girl said...

    Ooooooooooooh! Unlike so many other people, I love jury duty! I was called ONE TIME when I lived in NY but was dismissed right away once I was asked a quite telling question by the defense attorney.

    Gimme the dirt!

    SignGurl said...

    Missy~ I can't wait to be able to talk about the case, although it's not really that big of a deal

    Strumpet~ I'm so happy to see your comments back! You have been missed. I didn't wear spikes, just heels which I'm not really used to wearing when I walk. The bus wasn't so bad. I just hope I don't have to use it on a daily basis.

    Lime~ Isn't that just my luck?

    Big Pissy~ You lived in Hawaii? I had forgotten that. Cool!

    Savage~ Already done and added new, waterless gas :) Thanks for the tip.

    Buddha Girl~ I enjoy jury duty also. I just didn't enjoy the hoops I had to jump through to get there. I'm just hoping this trial ends by Monday. I can't afford to go any longer.

    G-Man said...

    12 ANGRY MEN...And 1 Hot Chick!!

    Mona said...

    yikes! that sucks!

    barman said...

    Wow what a day. If it ever happens again I am sure I could get you there one way or another.

    I love the bus system in the area. I used them a little especially in the winter. The people are, for the most part, not to bad. They are more entertaining than anything. Still I hope you are not needing to repeat yesterday any time soon.

    I have been on Jury Duty once in Detroit but got my way off of the case I was probably going to be on. The timing just really stunk and that is why I asked to get off in the first place. I am sure my day is coming where I will be called again. I look forward to it. Hang 'em high I always say... hahaha. You know the funny thing is if you do not want to be on a jury it is so easy to get off. Be very opionated, not flexible, mention how your buddy is a police officer, heck lots of ways to be dismissed. I think it would be interesting to go through the process again.

    Good luck with the vehicle and the trial.

    KJ said...


    kimmyk said...

    an alternate? i've always wanted to hear a criminal trial...enjoy it, seriously.

    sorry you had such a shitty day yesterday...

    i hope the rest of the week goes much better for ya!

    Anonymous said...

    oh girl!! Sending you lots of hugs from Hotlanta, baby! love ya! :)

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