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    Sunday, October 30, 2005

    "Adult" Halloween Party!

    I'm going to be brave here and show you some pictures from last night. We went to the adult Halloween party (no, really, I always dress this way) last night. I was an Evil Queen. As you can see, I'm a big girl. But I have fun anyway.

    Here is a picture of my brother-in-law. I need to explain that he was supposed to be the Abu Graib detainee and the person to the right was Lindy England (the girl who "degraded" prisoners by taking pictures pointing to their genitals).

    My evil twin.

    Can you believe we have on the same damned costume? I like my crown better than her crazy hat. It kinda looks like a pirate's hat.

    Here are the vibrator races. I lost BTW.

    Evil twin alert! She cheated (of course).

    This is my sister and it was her 34th birthday.

    The Hosts

    This is the guy who couldn't keep his hands off me. (FYI, my husband was not amused).

    No one took my picture when I won the bobbing for genitals contest. We were all too drunk. It's like bobbing for apples. However, the tank is filled with all sorts of things. The idea is to pick the one that you want. They throw in some dog chew toys and rubber balls to throw you off. I came up with the biggest dildo ever. It hardly fit in my mouth (hard as that is to believe). You can't use your hands and of course you are blindfolded.

    It was an adventuresome night for all.


    Will said...

    Damn, sorry I missed that one, looks like fun.

    DZER said...

    Great pics from what looked like a great party! Damn ... makes me wish I would have gone to a Halloween party or two myself LOL

    SignGurl said...

    Why can't I get my pictures lined up with text?

    I realize that it says, "my evil twin" below my brother in law's homemade genitals. Arrrrrr

    MamaKBear said...

    Sounds like you had a great time! Wish I had been invited to someone's Halloween party. :( Oh well.

    DZER said...

    jenn: when you have multiple photos and set them to be small and/or medium, you need enough text to wrap around, or else it pulls the next bit of text up.

    hope that weak explanation helps LOL

    gigi said...

    I never get to go to fun parties!

    Guys have a cool party and invite me!!!

    Chrissie said...

    lol looks like a fun party! My invite musta got lost in the mail :oP

    sassinak said...

    i'm sad you had a gropefest yourself darlin' because it really does spoil your night somehow.

    what did hubby do?

    SignGurl said...

    D~ Thanks, the "weak" explanation somehow helps.

    Dzer, Mamabear, Gigi, & Chrissie~ It would be awesome to have a costume party. But a bit strange since we have never met. Adds to the intrigue.

    Sass~ Hubby pouted all night. His costume sucked, so he had a bad attitude. Plus, he was the designated driver. He takes too much meds to drink.

    gigi said...

    I forgot to tell you that you looked gorgeous! :)

    Michele in Michigan said...

    OMG--I SO want to attend one of those parties with you! ROFLMAO

    tears in my eyes... and I think I peed a little LOLOL

    You look gorgeous, BTW.