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    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    The Google Game

    I gave in and played the Google game that everyone seems to be playing. Just go to google or ask jeeves and type in (in quotations) "your name needs" and see what comes up.

    Here is what I need:

    Jenn needs (are you ready for this)......to come

    Jenn needs a mentor

    Jenn needs a healthy dose of sweet, magical caffeine

    Jenn needs a hot rod...and a good insurance policy

    Jenn needs to pull something out of the hat to win

    Jenn needs to stop smiliing. Now.

    Jenn needs to get her grove back

    Jenn needs to switch to decaf

    Jenn needs your support!

    Jenn needs lovin'.

    And on and on it goes........I think I'll go make myself some signs.


    Anonymous said...

    Jenny is nice...

    Sam said...

    Mine came up with Uncle Sam needing a bunch of things. Fortunately for me, I really don't need for someone to speak Korean.

    cutie said...

    Cool...have you tried Googlism.com? Same idea, type in your name only(either just your first name or full name) and it comes up with some wild stuff!

    Thanks for the link!