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    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    Sitting here....

    Ok, so right now I'm sitting in the same hospital that I make signs for. And guess what? I got here ok using my signs!

    My mom is having her knee replaced. It's an awful surgery. Lots of recovery time.

    As I sit here I am amazed at the staff trying to keep everything confidential. HA! If I have to hear about the guy in the next bed's bowel movements again I will hurt someone. You have to sign all these forms telling the staff who can and can't be informed of your medical conditions and the damn guy next to you knows when your last period was and how long ago you "moved your bowels ". So I ask, how is this considered privacy? If I ask about my own mother, they have to check the chart to see if my name is on it. I should just ask the guy in the next bed. I know he could tell me!


    tami said...

    Amazing how much they make a big deal out of the so called "privacy act" biz... ugh.

    Gubbernut regulations kill me sometimes.

    OMG... did you say "bowel movement"?! (hahahahahahaha - sorry, just something that caught my eye for some stupid reason, lol)

    Nice start on the blog, and hey - thanks for linking me. :)


    Sam said...

    What's really bad is that there are truly no idiot proof signs. Believe me, there is no way to idiot proof anything. While signs make it easier, I find that people are mostly just .. well .. idiots :) I will keep checking in. Good luck with the blog. It's therapy like no other.

    The Seeker said...

    A little taste of me.