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    Tuesday, November 01, 2005

    Long Hair vs. Short

    A friend that is a professor has a theory about a woman's hair. His theory is that if a woman has long hair, she is interested in sex and feeling sexy. If her hair is short, she is uninterested.

    He's been married twice and swears that after each of his wives cut their hair, their sex lives became non existent. He also used the example of Meg Ryan. He thinks that she's only cute not sexy when her hair is short in her movies. I personally think she is hot no matter what her hair looks like. See Gigi's post today about Cute Vs. Hot. Also see the Seeker. Both are interesting.

    I totally disagree with this (probably because I have short hair). I have only had short hair for about 2 years and always had long hair before that. It took me years to get up the nerve to cut it but once I did, I felt liberated. If anything I felt sexier because people were focusing on me, not my hair.

    I'm curious about what everyone thinks about this.


    Amber said...

    See I think that hair length has nothing to do with it. I have had both and my interest in sex hasn't changed. Has yr friend ever thought maybe cutting their hair was the exes way of telling him they didn't want him anymore. Or maybe he's just got a hair fetish and the loss of it turned him off.

    SignGurl said...

    amber~funny you should mention him having a hair fetish. He is going bald. Hmmmm, makes me think.

    DZER said...

    I like long hair and short hair on a woman ... hell, I'll take them bald if they have nicely shaped heads LOL

    gigi said...

    For many, many years I had short hair.
    Short as in Anne Heche short.
    Women always complemented me.
    Men NEVER gave me a second look.
    I was fine with that.
    I was in a marriage where in I was ALLOWED to believe that I was unattractive, unsexy, figid.
    Finally I made some changes one of them being that I let my hair grow.
    As you can see, things are quite different now!

    SignGurl said...

    duane~really, a bald chick?

    gigi~ do you think your hair had to do with your feeling unattractive or was it that your husband allowed you to feel unsexy? He sounds like a dumb fuck! I'm glad you are back to your old sexy self.

    gigi said...

    Not old sexy self! New sexy self!
    I think the hair was a reflection of how I felt.

    The Seeker said...

    One of the horniest women I ever dated had short hair... but overall, I have to agree. You got nothing to grab when the hair is short.